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Nuru Massage in London

Nuru Massage is the latest sensation sweeping London

London is a trendsetting city, Massage parlours are opening their doors for ravenous men eager for a nuru massage.

A year ago, London had zero Nuru massage providors. Now there are almost 20 operating in central London. Some providors offer 30 minute nuru massage sessions while others offer two hour nuru therapy treatments

The girls of NuruRub are getting rave reviews for their wonderful studio and energetic technique. They have some nuru massage ladies who are 100% Japanese.

The nuru massage parlour in Central London

Massage parlours in London are also offering Nuru massage. Butterfly Massage has been offering for several months. They were formerly known as 409Finch Spa and Body Bliss under the previous owner. This massage parlour is behind the baker street Station in a commercial region of Marylebone about 300 north of Baker street station. Asian Mystic massage, formerly known as “the mystic”, is now offering Nuru Massage as well. Butterfly Massage is near Bayswater, a private, tidy massage parlour with nice atmosphere that is open 24 hours a day.

Steeles Royal Massage in Soho appears to be on the verge of offering Nuru massage. they have three spas in Soho each of which has a body rub license. They have amazing theme rooms including a playboy room. These upscale massage rooms are displayed on their Royal Spa website.

Nuru massage is also offered by many independents in their apartments. Some nuru providors have small, crampt apartments while others have large spacious penthouses.

Eventually there will be a Japanese girl offering nuru massage in London. This Japanese girl will become popular with connoisseurs who desire the genuine article.

nuru massage in london

An interesting aspect od nuru massage is the distributing of the nuru massage gel. It is artificially produced In Japan at a very low cost but each layer in the “food” chain ads on its cut. By the time it gets to London, it is sold for ten times the original cost. It is rumoured that Numa massage gel is being produced in Los Angeles USA and is of superior quality to the original “Nuru” massag gel. Its humourous that the gel is being marketed out of Thailand since westerners seem positive about massage oils from Thailand but dispise massage products from Japan.

There are many nuru massage videos avialable online. Most of these feature big name Japanese porn stars. Nuru Massage photographs are less popular since oiled up women have been photographed for decades.

No one knows how long the nuru massage boom will last. In Japan it is still popular 20 years after gaining attention.

It isn’t easy running a Nuru massage business. More overhead is required compared to a typical massage parlour.

Why nuru massage price is higher than other kinds of erotic massage?

Coco from The Erotic London explains the situation very well:
It is possible the costs associated with Nuru are an issue. The gel is expensive (about $50 a shot). You need enough room for a matress, and a shower in the room. The girls need to be trained to act a little differently. Plus, the turnover time is about 50% longer than other sessions. Economically, it doesn’t earn as much for the spa as standard massages. Flirt charges only about $20 more than the usual body rub when you factor in room time (and at $300 an hour few customers would line up for it), and while I can’t speak for the owners of Flirt I suspect they offer so they can be somewhat different than the other spas. As a Nuru afficionado I would love to see Nuru everywhere, but I suspect it will continue to be a niche offering.

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