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A Guide of Tantric Massage in London

Tantra massage is an art form that goes back to ancient times. This type of massage is designed to help the client reach a higher state of spiritual consciousness using sexual energy as the vehicle. A massage therapist who has been highly trained in the art of Tantra massage will use sensual touching to bring dormant sexual energy to life. These touches may be running the fingertips lightly over the client’s entire body to awaken the energy field. Once awakened, this enables physical and emotional pain that the body has been holding onto, to finally escape. When this happens, it acts to bring lovers together to bond by sharing a very intimate ecstatic experience in unison.

Ideally, lovers would give each other Tantra massages for the ultimate release. A skilled professional Tantra massage therapist with an established reputation would be the perfect one to teach you the specific massage techniques so that you can fully benefit from all this unique healing art has to offer.

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London Tantric massage parlours / Providers

Tantric massage is an ancient oriental massage which brought to London many years ago. There are lots tantric massage parlours in city of London, find one and experience the true authentic tantric Massage in London, a secret sensual massage from ancient times.

Cloud9 Tantric Massage – Tel:+44 7918113143

Karma Massage – Tel: +44 2078983212

Mystic Asian Tantric Massage Tel: +44 7423 091696

Tantric Paradise Tel: +44 20 3286 6999

Tantric Touch London Tel: +44 7551 969265

Winks Massage Tel: +44 (0)20 7118 7118

Peachy Massage Tel: +44 (0) 795 668 22 66

Eros Massage: Tel: +44(0)7741857381

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Meaning of Tantra

Tantra comes from the root word “tan” in Sanskrit, which when translated means, “to expand, put forth, show, or to manifest.” What a Tantra massage seeks to achieve is to identify and release energy that has been blocked or is being held in areas throughout the body. The goal is to “awaken the Kundalini within.” The Kundalini represents a mythological energy that we all possess and that lies in a state of rest or dormancy at the base of our spine. Once this energy is awakened it spreads from the spine to initiate healing that expands to all areas of the body.

Emotionally Intimate Experience

a tantric massageOne of the main features of a Tantra massage is sexual arousal. This is why Tantra massage is so popular among lovers, something they give and receive from each other. This form of massage often precipitates tremendous expressions of emotion, which makes Tantra massage a very intimate experience. A reputable massage therapist will certainly discuss these aspects with clients, letting them know in advance to inform them if they’re becoming uncomfortable, and if so the massage therapist can alter their healing techniques.

Tantric Massage Techniques

Every Tantra massage is different from every other one. There is no one method of performing a Tantra massage. A properly done Tantra massage will have one goal, and that is to awaken or release the seven energy centers (chakras) located along the spine. In doing this, the hope is that the Kundalini will begin to wake up from its deep sleep. Most likely, a Tantra massage will start with relaxation techniques and progress towards the techniques needed for releasing the energy built up in the seven chakras. From there the Tantra masseuse will move into more personal techniques designed to arouse the Kundalini.

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Tantra Breathing Techniques

Throughout a Tantra massage there are specific breathing techniques that greatly enhance the experience and results. These techniques are called “pranayamas.” These breathing techniques are designed to assist in moving energy around the body, from one part to another. This serves to enhance the entire experience because it helps the recipient become more disciplined and able to use self-control when the Tantra massage leads to unexpected arousal, which inevitably happens.

Health Benefits

There are many health benefits that come from having a massage, the main one being that a massage is usually very relaxing and this is true of Tantra massage as well. What Tantra also does quite well is to not only relieve physical pain, but also tap into the client’s emotional pain, the guilt and fear they’ve been holding onto for perhaps years. From there, a highly skilled Tantra massage therapist can help his/her clients feel they have more control over their lives through a sense of personal empowerment. This can lead to a more fulfilling life. Tantra massage essentially stimulates the sensuality that is physically and spiritually inherent in all of us. It can awaken those parts of us that we have been unconsciously suppressing, allowing them to emerge and blossom, making us more balanced and complete as humans.