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Nuru Massage

A Guide to Nuru Massage

nuru massage in London
nuru massage in London

Most people who know about it find nuru massage captivating, so I thought I would delve into it so that I could give you a comprehensive and informative Guide of this very interesting ancient Japanese art. In our Guide you will learn what nuru massage is, all the details of how it is carried out, and even a little history lesson about its origins in the Far East, where they still consider nuru massage an art. You can read this blog about the London nuru massage experience.

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The Fundamentals of Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is a type of Erotic massage done on a fully nude client. The masseuse uses her nude body to massage her client. This is why it is called a “body to body” treatment. The massage therapist takes her naked body and glides it over her client’s fully nude body, while using a special gel called nuru gel to lubricate their bodies.

Nuru massage is a very erotic type of wet massage that was originally practiced in Japan’s famous bathhouses. It got its name because the word nuru when translated from Japanese means slippery, and when both bodies are lubricated with nuru gel, it is indeed a very slippery experience. This is probably why Japan’s famous bathhouses also go by the name “soaplands.”

Japan’s Soaplands Became Famous Because of Nuru Massage

Japanese soaplands or bathhouses first arrived on the scene in 1958 when outright prostitution was outlawed in the country. This became a pleasurable alternative to having actual sexual intercourse. Clients were instead bathed and according to the name, all soaped up and massaged sensually until they reached orgasm. This experience is now in such high demand that it has become one of the most expensive treatments you can get in the red light districts of Japan.

Japanese soapland & erotic massage

Nuru massage is intentionally erotic in nature, and in spite of this it is considered an illustrious art form throughout Asia. In the Japanese culture there is sense of respect for the sensual side of human nature, something people take pride in. This is why the sex industry is accepted in Japan and not looked down upon as it is in other parts of the world.

Where Does is Nuru Gel Come From?

Nuru gel comes from a particular type of seaweed called nori, which is a very slippery sea plant and perfect for the job of lubricating the skin. Although edible, the gel has no taste, odor or color. Therefore it won’t leave any stains on the sheets or the client’s clothing.

Japanese uses seaweed to make nuru gel

Nuru gel contains a lot of nutrients derived from the ocean along with other amazing ingredients that actually are excellent for the skin, including aloe vera, grapefruit, and chamomile. Everything about nuru gel is totally natural. There are no harmful ingredients or anything that could cause an allergic reaction. Several companies make nuru gel, with Nurux being the most highly respected because they manufacture their gel using the original authentic Japanese recipe.

nuru gel

Nurux products includes their Nuru Standard Massage Gel, which is their bestseller, the Nuru Platinum, which is thicker and thus longer lasting, and Nurux Shake Powder that mixes with water, which they just recently came out with. Mr. Nori’s Magic Gel is another nuru gel being formulated in America and some people really like it because it is gaining a following.

The Six Major Health Benefits of Having Nuru Massage

#1 Pain Relief

Relief of muscle tension relaxes the body, reduces bodily discomfort and releases endorphins, which act as the body’s own natural painkillers. Nuru massage offers a completely natural way of eliminating stress being held throughout the body thus releasing the pain associated with the muscle tension.

#2 Promotes Healing & Recovery

Massage treatments have been shown to stimulate natural metabolic processes occurring in many different systems in the body. This helps the body recuperate more quickly from being injured or from an illness by letting the body heal itself.

#3 Reduces Tension & Anxiety

Massages help relax the mind while releasing tension in the body. It takes you away from the problems of the day so whatever is causing anxiety soon evaporates. The muscles and the nervous system let go of all tension and anxiety during a massage.

#4 Increases Flexibility

Nuru massage offers a completely natural way of relaxing the muscles of the entire body and when the tightness and stress is removed from the muscles, overall flexibility increases.

#5 It Rejuvenates Skin

Throughout a nuru massage the skin is being moisturised with nuru gel, which is made of nutrient rich seaweed full of highly beneficial properties that moisturise the skin until it glows.

#6 Elevates the Mood

Scientific studies have shown that massage therapy relieves depression because once the body and mind are fully relaxed, and the anxiety and tension being held in by the nervous system and muscles dissipates, endorphins are released, which are our natural mood elevating hormones and depressive symptoms are reduced.

#7 It Boosts the Immune System

By relaxing the mind and body to such an extent nuru massage helps your immune system get stronger and more able to fight off disease, which makes you less vulnerable to illness.

#8 It Heightens Libido & Erotic Sensitivity

A sensual nuru massage can help people with problems accepting their natural sexuality by enhancing their libido and heightening their erotic sensitivity. It can also help people who have problems enjoying erotic activity or in becoming aroused.

Techniques Used in Nuru Massage

During the nuru massage treatment, your nuru massage therapist will set just the right mood with music and candles and ask that the temperature be heated to at least 26 degrees for maximum comfort. A large waterproof sheet will be placed on the bed to cover and protect the mattress.

Nuru gel performs when the skin is moistened, so the session will start with the two parties enjoying a shower or bath together. The masseuse will mix heated nuru gel in a bowl of warm water until it reaches the perfect consistency. She will slather it all over her naked body, not missing a single nook or cranny before slathering it all over her client’s body as well, never missing a spot.

London nuru massage

The masseuse will then place herself over her client, who is lying comfortably on the bed. She now begins to slide her naked body up and down, back and forth over the client, making as much contact as she can. She uses all parts of her body in massaging her client in an erotic rhythm as she glides up and down. The lubricating gel allows the skin to glide smoothly, which heightens every sensation.

The sensual nature of nuru massage enhances the chances that the client will become aroused sexually and reach climax and this is perfectly acceptable and expected.