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Discretion and valour

privacy of escort service

A while back, when I was working away, a junior colleague suggested we should go together to visit an Escort or try an erotic massage parlour when the project was over. It was a suggestion which came right out of the blue, least of all as I always keep my private life exactly that and he would have had absolutely no idea as to my extra curricula activities! He was merely making the suggestion to try to make me more interesting or to embarrass me!

Was it a good idea of his? Was I tempted? No! I value my privacy and prefer to keep my activities to myself. Least of all, as he would then always have had a hold over me and I think it would have been unprofessional of me if I had put myself in this position. Indeed, if it were ever to have come out, would it have compromised my job? Rightly or wrongly, I decided (instantly) it was not worth it!

This only served to egg him on and he went on about it for weeks, but I just stonewalled every conversation by saying I was not interested and it was not my thing.

I am sure he drew the conclusion I am dull, but, do you know what? I do not care! Discretion is the greatest part of valour and all that!

Eventually he dropped it and now when we meet, he never mentions sex, whereas previously, it was his only topic of conversation!

Punting buddy

I have often said how it can be a lonely life for a Punter (read “Loneliness of the long distance Punter”) and I know plenty of guys do have a Punting Buddy, someone to share experiences and recommendations with.

Would I not like to have such a Buddy? Only possibly. It would probably be someone I only know indirectly and we would have to share tastes and he would have to be on the same wavelength on discretion. I know, I am not asking for much, am I?

In short, I have done this for over four years on my own, so I am in no rush to change this.

Circle of trust

Ultimately, who can one trust? At what point does one know one can trust someone else?

Trust is such a finite commodity. After all, what is the use of 95% trust? It is only any good if trust is absolute. As I once heard it put, it is like a plane trying to fly only 95% of the time it is in the air.

Therefore, unless I am sure trust and discretion are absolute, I am not interested in divulging anything!

I am sure we have all had experience of those individuals who pay lip service to loyalty and trust, who will say one thing to us and something completely contrary to others. I am afraid I really do not have time for people like this. I really do believe in karma and what goes around cones around. Good luck to them I say, but we will never get on.

If in any doubt, it is best to exercise caution. At the end of the day, discretion really is the better part of valour.

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  1. I took the same attitude to you CP for many years, and found only a select couple of ladies I could share with. Eventually, I found a couple of like minded guys on a punters forum that we could share experiences and stories with from time to time. Can be useful at times when you like another opinion. I’d classify those guys as indirect (not in each other’s daily lives or outside world).

  2. This sort of communal punting is normally something you ever hear of on lads holidays or stag weekends, and usually result in very worried faces on the return home, and also fairly grotty experiences on those trips if the stories I’ve heard are to be believed.

    I’ve always treated punting as a private, solitary hobby, I’m sure my friends think my life is horribly staid and boring. If it wasn’t for blogs such as yours and some online forums I doubt I’d ever mention it to anyone outside certain escorts that I have seen over long periods of time and trust completely.

    An alternative title to your post could easily have been ‘The Punter is a Lonely Hunter’.

    The value of your blog, among a few others, is that feeling of not being alone, of being able to read about others with similar experiences and values, my local forum is pretty sad with posts invariably hijacked by well established members either turning everything into a joke or using a thread to carry on a private slagging match.

    Even writing a response to a post gives you a chance to formulate what might have been a nebulous idea, to actually think it through as you prepare your response, much better than having it rattling around inside your head with no outlet.

    I don’t think I’d like the idea of sitting around with a bunch of mates discussing which escorts we’d seen and how we got on, for no other reason than I’d always prefer to keep my favourites private ‘more for me’ if you like.

    But blogs such as this are a great outlet, even if it is just reading something I find myself nodding along to in agreement, keep it up ( . . . as it were . . .)

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