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Intro to Tantra massage & Lingam massage

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Tantra is an act of spiritual mediation of the mind and body. The modern meaning of Tantra is the spiritual sex of the body and mind to bring the practitioner to a higher spiritual plane. A tantric massage is therefore the ritual of receiving this spiritual sexual energy to enlighten your sexual desires. Erotic and tantric massage is a type …

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The Insight into the Tantric Massage History

The word Tantrism has various meanings, and its true meaning might have been lost ages ago. Some researchers believe that this word origins from a Sanscrit word that means sloth or sapestry symbolizing something threaded into our lives. Others claim that this word arises from two Sanscrit words ?”tan” and “tra”. “Tan” is expansion of the consciousness, while “tra” denotes …

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All about the tantric massage

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I am a trained professional Tantra massage provider. I have seen so many websites talking about the tantric massage and its benefits. Some articles online are not true and most of them misleading the readers. The truth is: A Tantric massage is NOT like a regular message, and may or may not include massage of the entire body… that totally …

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