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Secret of get a Nice looking butt

nice looking butt

There are only 4 steps to get a nice looking butt: 1. 20 Full Squats Start with your legs hips distance apart Squat until your legs are at 90% Don’t forgot to keep your chest up and your back must flat. 2. 20 Toe Taps Lay on the ground Bring your legs to a talbel top position Activate your core …

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Bald may linked to coronary heart disease

Going bald may be more than just a frustrating sign of aging; it may also increase a man’s risk of heart disease. A new study of nearly 37,000 Japanese men found that men who were balding were 32 percent more likely to have coronary heart disease than their full-haired counterparts, BBC News reported. The researchers, however, noted that the risks …

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