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Tantric Massage for amateurs: Get your partner involved in Tantric Massage

What is the best way to make your partner feel special, arouse them sexually and give one of the best climaxes ever – why Tantric massage of course! You may have or have not heard of it but Tantric massage is one of the ways to put aside all your sexual inhibitions and shortcomings, the whole session of the massage is an arousal as the both of you explore your sexuality, your bodies and what makes you both feel good and at the end of it all, the feeling of bliss and at peace with one another. Good enough reasons for you to try it out with your partner and open a new level of intimacy?

treat your partner with an erotic tantric massage will boost your relationship
treat your partner with an erotic tantric massage will boost your relationship

Tantric massage involves a lot of touching as well as stimulations of the erroneous zones, making the body feel relaxed and comfortable. The stimulation of certain points in the body releases a mixture of energy and the sensation of light and firm touch all over the body heightens the feeling of arousal in your partner. To get your partner involved in Tantric massage, first of all be very comfortable with how each of you feel with your bodies and sexual organs in front of each other. Discuss this issue with your partner before you begin, be very open and understanding about each other. Get books or DVDs on Tantric massage to watch with your partner so that he or she will know what you are talking about.

To prepare for the massage session, get some good quality essential oils with a gentle fragrance, you can ask the retail assistant to help you out with recommendations of good oil to use. The massage can take place in any room as long as the place is cool, lights are slightly dimmed and you can prepare a soft exercise mat or cushioned flooring for the both of you to lie down on while massaging. To create the mood, you can have soft relaxing music in the background and if you are the romantic type, get some scented candles or incense sticks to create a more sensual ambience. The purpose of all this preparation is to create the mood for relaxation and shed the first layers of stress which is normal for anyone in a fast paced society today.

Part of an enjoyable Tantric massage is also an element of playfulness in your exploration of each other, get your partner to take part in touching each other and make a note on what pleases the other as you touch as energy is released through your fingers and this gives a tingling sensation to the person you are touching. To give and receive a successful Tantric massage, you as the initiator have to first of all be well versed in the method and then you can guide your partner along the way. Tantric massage for couples is also about giving and receiving love from each other, learning how to voice what arouses you and what you would like to have your partner do.

You can use Tantric massage to deepen your relationship or as a journey to the discovery of each other in a more sensual way. When the both of you are in a sexually fulfilling relationship, it makes both of you feel good about each other, be more successful in your outer worlds and one in being with your surroundings. It heightens your spiritual and physical well being, making the both of you more prepared to deal with the daily stress of the outside world.

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