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11 Kinds Of Thai Yoga Massage Poses

The Thai massage – also known as Thai yoga massage – is where a therapist will use their hands, legs, knees and feet to move your body into various yoga-like poses/stretches. People who do the Thai massage claim they’re doing yoga without the work. In a Thai massage, acupressure, muscle compression and joint mobilization are used.

What are the 11 common Thai Yoga Massage Poses your therapist may use during a session?

Below are a series of Thai massage movement pictures, and they are only for informational purposes. In order for the poses to be done correctly, a person may be educated and trained in the art of Thai massage. Only a trained Thai massage instructor should do these poses. Each photo pose is being demonstrated by David and Tikta Roylance, experienced Thai massage therapists, and from the Touch Of Asia School of Traditional Thai Massage and Herbal Medicine.

Bridge Pose

Thai massage bridge pose
Thai massage bridge pose

With the bridge pose, the chest and back areas are opened up.

Back Press


Open your chest and shoulder regions with the Thai massage back press pose.

King Cobra


The purpose of the King Cobra pose in Thai massage is to stretch the upper and middle areas of the back while also opening up the shoulder and chest regions.

Cobra Pose



The Cobra works to stretch the upper and middle back while also opening the shoulder and chest.

Butterfly Pose

butterfly pose

With the Butterfly pose, the hamstrings will stretch out.

Spinal Twist in Laydown Position

spinal twist

Laying down, the spinal twist will stretch your back as well as the iliotibial band.

Shoulder Stand

Shoulder Stand
Shoulder Stand

The Thai massage pose “The Shoulder Strand” will stretch out the quadriceps and back muscles.

Plough Pose

Plough pose

Stretch out your hamstrings and neck with the plough pose.

Fish Pose

fish pose

In the fish pose, the back will stretch out, opening up the shoulders and chest.

Half Locust

half Locust pose- thai massage

When you need to stretch your psoas muscles and quadriceps out, the half locust Thai massage pose is what you need.

Spinal Twist

spinal twist - thai massage

Each side of your back is stretched with the Thai massage spinal twist post.

Remember, all pictures are for informational reasons only. In order to be done successfully, a person may be fully trained in the art and be performed by an experienced Thai massage therapist.


Demonstrated by Thai massage therapists David and Tukta Roylance
Touch of Asia School of Traditional Thai Massage and Herbal Medicine (Sterling, VA)

photo credit: © David and Tukta Roylance

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