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7 Reasons You’re geting Headache and How To Deal With Them

Are You A Headache Sufferer? Nowadays, it seems nobody could escape from the suffer of headache, so how to deal with headache? Here is 7  main reasons You’re Experiencing headache and How To Deal With Them

7 tips to deal with headache

7 Key Reasons You Suffer With A Headache

You’re Not Hydrated Enough

Based on information from American research, mild dehydration is still a culprit in your headache problem. Thus, drinking a lot of water will help keep you from suffering needlessly. According to a study at University of Masstricht in the Netherlands, women who consumed 1.5 liters of water every day suffered with far less headaches.

You’re Using An Excessive Number of Painkillers

You may hurt, but did you know that painkillers can also cause headaches? When the effects of those painkillers subside, that’s when the headaches kick in. Don’t take painkillers more than twice a week and not consecutively. If you’re taking them more often, talk to your doctor about how to wean yourself off of them.

You’re Dealing With Muscle Tension

When the muscles in your neck are tight, it can spur headaches. According to various research, massages can target these muscles and alleviate the tension you feel and decrease the number of headaches you have.

You’re Drinking An Excessive Amount of Caffeine

While caffeine can ease your pain, overdoing it is similar to taking an excessive number of painkillers. Once caffeine’s effects are worn off, you start to get a headache. The best thing you can do is drink no more than three cups of coffee or tea a day, using herbal tea the remainder of the day.

You’re Not Eating On A Timely Basis

Low blood sugar is a culprit to your headaches, though it’s not known why. If you want to keep headaches at bay, it’s best to eat a little at a time and more often instead of the highly-promoted two to three big meals. In order to maintain your blood sugar level, combine protein with unrefined carbs – fish or lean meat with vegetables and brown rice, for instance.

You’re Experiencing Fluctuating Hormones

Women are two times more likely to have headaches than men, and that’s because of their fluctuating hormones – progesterone and estrogen – during their menstrual cycle. One way to avoid headaches during this time is to have a headache diary. One way to help this is to go to bed a little earlier and get a massage.

Migraines Are Ignored

Many people mistake their migraines for a tension headache, which means they’re not properly treating the condition to help themselves. Migraines can occur for anyone. If you notice you’re experiencing headaches on a regular basis, which can interfere with your daily life, than you could have a migraine. Be sure you talk to your doctor.

Are you suffering with yet another headache? Are you tired of taking Tylenol or Advil over and over? Well, a massage can certainly help in alleviating those headache problems.

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