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Managing emotions when dating Escort

control your emtion when dating perfect escort...

This article answer an old and simple question…that many punters have asked many times…please read on… When meeting with a beautiful lady, particularly if it is on a regular basis, a myriad of emotions are involved. Recently during a long chat with a lady I know well, the subject of managing one’s emotions came up. This lady friend said she …

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My favorite escort disappeared

I miss an escort, but she disappeared

Probably one of the hardest moral dilemmas for any considerate Punter is when a companion one has seen a few times just vanishes. There are ladies who do just stop out of the blue, but if one has seen a particular lady and there is not been any hint of it, surely it is only natural to feel a degree …

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Discretion and valour

privacy of escort service

A while back, when I was working away, a junior colleague suggested we should go together to visit an Escort or try an erotic massage parlour when the project was over. It was a suggestion which came right out of the blue, least of all as I always keep my private life exactly that and he would have had absolutely no …

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The loneliness of the long distance Punter

a Man is enjoying escort service

When I embarked on this venture I had no idea of the highs and lows it would yield! What I did hope for was new experiences and to explore my sexual desires to the full with some beautiful, cosmopolitan women. One constant that has held true, is I do not personally know any other Punters, although I now correspond with …

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