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Male G-spot Massage

G-spot Prostate massage for men

It is said that not only women have G-spot and could get amazing orgasm from stimulating the magic spot, men also have G-spot, Men’s G-spot is a special place actually located inside of the male prostate. If the prostate is stimulate & massaged in the right way, men could get incredible long lasting orgasm by prostate massage … If we …

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Prostate Massage could be Emotional

the prostate massage

FAQ: I am told that when a guy has a prostate massage, or a tantric massage, it can be so emotional for him that it causes him to cry. Is that true, and if so, how does the masseuse giving the massage deal with this situation? Yes, it could happen as well as many other reactions and the reason is because …

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What about prostate massage by London Cloud9

prostate massage London

A Cloud9 prostate massage is the massaging or stimulating of the prostate gland for sexual stimulation and relaxation. Cloud9’s prostate massage is performed by rubbing the hand against the area gently. This will stimulate the sexual drive and cause great arousal and pleasure. This can even result in an amazing ejaculation. A prostate massage is focused on the male prostate …

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What are we talking about when we talking about a prostate massage

prostate massage

Prostate massage is one of the most popular massage sessions among Massage parlours in London. What is a  “Prostate massage” ? Or What about having an energetic, “vigorous” prostate massage? Sounds like a healthy thing to do, doesn’t it? A lot of people become confused after reading about the supposely good effects of vigorous massage or drainage at various websites …

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Tantric Massage

In working as a London Tantric massage therapist for many years I was often told that I had Magic Hands. Over time, and particularly since exploring the world of tantra, I have come to believe that the magic is not in my hands, but in my heart. The difference in the quality of my touch comes from that level – …

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Benifit of a Prostate Massage

When you search for a London Massage, you may have seen a tantra massage session called”Prostate massage”.  Prostate massage is good or not? Many people who don’t know prostate may ask such a question. Let me explain the prostate massage for you now. Sex is the most imperative part of every individual. However men are more interested in this activity …

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