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Review: Butterfly Massage London

London butterfly Massage review
Sensual nude massage London

Review: Butterfly Massage London

Service: Body to body sensual massage

Location: Incall – Green Park

Hour: 2 hour

by: Dick.W

A wonderful Massage by a Lovely Japanese Girl

A lot can be experienced when you visit a massage parlor to relieve your physical and mental tension and, I am not talking about your usual massage parlors where you get the usual reclining experience. What I want to tell you here are about the butterfly massage parlors which offer full body services making you feel erotic pleasures. Don’t judge mere here, these massage parlors are highly luxurious making your sophistication stay intact and also give you a reputed massage without any privacy problems.

While many go for a massage and the quality massages they provide, others love it because of the beautiful masseuses they possess. One such massage parlor that I visited had one of the best masseuses that could easily lure you in to try their quality massage services. When I entered the parlor, I was intrigued by the high-quality interiors which you usually would not witness in such places. But, I had to admire the money that had been spent on keeping the place as lush as possible. It automatically gives you that feeling of satisfaction where you would love to stay without any nervousness. The next thing that I witnessed was the user-friendly nature of the agent who provided me with a warm hospitality and offered me the catalogue to get choosing with the ladies I would love for my massage.

That is where I noticed this hot Japanese chick that had a voluptuous body that guys could easily get mesmerized on. I had to see her, if she looked that good in the picture, so she must look hot for real. The agent understood my choice and got me hooked to the girl I desired and there she was, just the way I wanted her to be not so petite and not so chubby. She welcomed me to the private chambers near green park where I was ready to experience one of the best massages of my life.

Believe me, the quality of the massage with her beautiful body next to me was overwhelmingly erotic for me. With just a subtle touch from her body, I got the chills of a lifetime. The next few hours of intense pleasure were worth my time there. After the experience, I felt that the place has maintained a reputation that certainly would stay for long as long as such beautiful ladies are there to provide exceptional services to the customers.

by Dick. W 2014 Nov

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One comment

  1. I finally did with a girl named “Jenny”. She was pretty good and she spoke enough English and
    did bbbj in shower. Her massage skills were not good but that was OK. The only cons were
    she didn’t do CIM and tried to finish a little early that I had to hold her for a full hour.
    There were some girls available for A+ service but can’t remember her name.

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