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An Erogenous Encounter in London

An massage erogenous encounter
An massage erogenous encounter…a true story

John is an American business man who is just arrived London, staying the hotel at Heathrow airport. He had a memorable erogenous encounter at the airport bar – it is a true story….

John sat at the hotel bar, nursing a scotch. The three day seminar started early and finished late so by day two, he was tense and exhausted with the hectic schedule. At least he was one of the lucky ones, his firm’s early booking securing him a room where the event was being held.

He hated hotels, despite being single and used to being alone. There was something so impersonal and sterile about the rooms that made them lonely and depressing, even the nicest ones. His misery must have shown in his face, or his posture.

“You look stressed,” the woman said as she sidled into a bar stool beside him.

Taking in her black, business-cut suit and crisp white blouse, he assumed she was part of the conference. He nodded his agreement, offering her a drink. She accepted and they chatted easily for a while, finally making their way to the lifts.

“Nightcap back at your place?” she asked, with a slow smile.

“If you like.”

They headed to his room, where drinks were soon forgotten as she let down her hair and moved into his arms. Before he knew it, John was naked and the woman was in black lace.

“Let me relax you,” she whispered as she guided him to the bed, gently trailing her fingers up and down his bare arm.

He shivered at her touch. She gently pushed him down, urging him to lie back. Kneeling on the pillows behind his head, she started running her fingers through his hair, massaging his scalp, then trailing her fingers over his temples, forehead, ears and cheekbones. John wasn’t sure what was happening, he had never been touched like this before, but it was making him tingle all over. When she put gentle pressure where his neck met his skull, he groaned with pleasure.

She changed position, straddling him over the knees, running her fingers in lazy trails around his navel, circling it teasingly before moving down to the area between his belly button and pubic hair. John had already been aroused at her unfamiliar but delightful touches, but now desire flamed through him as she worked that area with alternative feather touches with fingertips and massaging motions.

He put an arm behind him and gripped the pillow as the teasing moved down to where his hips met his body, and thighs met his pelvis. She sensuously kneaded the areas with the heels of her hands, driving him crazy.

He almost begged as she rose and moved to his side instead, using thumb and forefinger to massage the area below the collarbone. He felt tension, but not desire, leave as she moved to the dimple in his breastbone then lavished attention on his upper chest, trailing her fingers across to the one inner elbow still accessible to her, then returning to play gently with his nipples.

As the touches grew more erotic, John had to admit to never being more ready in his life. He wasn’t quite sure what his mystery friend had done to him, but he loved it.

by Alice – The story is adapted from a true massage experience.

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