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Privacy policy

With each time you use our website & online direcotry London Massage Book (LMB) www.londonmassagebook.co.uk, the WebServer automatically records information such as the URL, address IP, the type and the language of the navigator, as well as the date and the hour of connection. The site does not place any witness “cookie” in the hard disks of the computers of the visitors. Moreover, no personal information is collected with less than one preliminary assent with the Net surfer. The information transmitted automatically between computers does not make it possible to identify you personally. They are collected only because of the inherent technological requirements to navigation on Internet and are used with fine statistics.

London Massage Book is conscious of the questions raised relative with the circulation of the personal information about Internet and wishes to collaborate with you in order to ensure the respect and the protection of your private life. Be assured that no personal information is collected on the site of London Massage Book without your assent. In addition, the personal information which is requested to you on the site of London Massage Book, remains strictly intended for the use of London Massage Book and are not accessible to any of our customers, partners, or other outside contributors.

The documents present on this site are protected by the Law on the royalty, by the laws, the policies and the payments of Canada and the international agreements.

Some graphic elements present on this Web site are fixed with the royalties of other organizations, external, within the framework of a collaboration agreement. In such cases, some restrictions on the reproduction of documents or graphic elements can apply and it can be necessary to obtain the permission of the holder of the royalties before making the copy.

If you have questions or comments about our policy, do not hesitate to contact us.