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Supplies for your Massage therapy business

massage therapy supplies

7 Must-Haves To Ensure Your Massage Therapy Business Runs Properly

Okay, so you’ve got your massage therapy license in London or any other area in UK, now you need to open your massage therapy business. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to work in your own home or at a salon/spa, you need supplies to ensure your business is up and running. You also need marketing supplies to ensure your garner the attention of potential clients and help you get more of those supplies you need to carry out your services.


7 Things You’ll Need To Successfully Run Your Massage Therapy Business

Business Cards & Brochures

Your business will need a regular flow of customers/clients to keep its doors open. However, in order to do this, you need to hand out business cards and brochures to spread the word about your company and the services you offer. It’s important to have them so new customers can learn about you.

What should these cards and brochures have on it? They should include:

  • Your business name
  • Your name
  • Location
  • Contact information
  • Hours open
  • Services offered

If you decide to get a two-sided card, you can use it to write down client appointments or have top 5 list for the benefits of massage therapy.

Massage Table

It doesn’t matter if you’re handling the services on your own or will hire employees, you’re going to need to buy massage tables for your clients to lie on. If you’re the main provider, consider a stationary table that stays at the office. And, if you offer services outside the office, have a portable one that allows you to meet your clients at their preferred location. If you’re going to hire employees, they need to have their own tables to do their work on.

Massage Oils/Lotions/Gel

Buy an array of massage lotions/oils to use on your clients – use scents that produce a calm effect such as:

  • Chamomile
  • Cinnamon
  • Jasmine
  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Sandelwood

Your clients can choose from this large variety that can be used for their massage therapy session.

Flannel Sheets & Pillows

In order to make your massage tables comfortable, you want to use flannel sheets and pillows. The sheets are used to cover your clients’ body and the pillow will position their head so they get the best results from the experience. Be sure you buy neutral colors so nothing distracts or takes away from the soothing atmosphere you’re trying to produce.


You need plush towels to clear away any of the excess lotions or oils on your clients’ body after the massage has ended. Clients can use these towels to wrap themselves in when they go to get up.

Massage Candles

Candles create the mood you want to convey – so be sure you purchase soft light candles that include neutral colors and scents.

Massage Music

You can create a calm atmosphere by offering soft, reflective music while you massage your clients.  Choose from array of music that includes nature sounds and instrumentals. You can also use an mp3 player with a speaker or small radio to play while you’re giving your clients a massage.






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