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Names for Massage therapy companies

choose a right name for your massage business

5 Names That Accurately Conveys What Your Massage Therapy Business Is All About

If you’re going to open a massage therapy business, you need to make sure you have a catchy name in order to stir imagination and catch people’s eyes. You want a name that stands out from your competitors in a positive way. Of course, you’ll need to register it with your locality’s government to ensure no one else can use it.


5 Names Of Massage Therapy Businesses You Can Find In The UK

In UK, there are thousands of massage therapy businesses already established, and if you’re thinking up of names to call yours, you need to consider giving it a name that denotes what your business’ purpose is.

Please view some name examples & principles below:

Healing Touch Institute

When people look through the phone book for massage therapists, you want your company’s name to be a reflection of what your business is about.  For instance, you have a company called North London massage – people can see you’re located in the North London area and offer massages.

However, suppose you want to expand your company beyond that area – Central London (or Manchester), for example.  You also decide to add in other services like acupuncture. With the name like Healing Touch Institute, you can expand the business and add other services without being limited in terms of locations and business dealings.

Motherhood Massage

Again, the name of your business needs to show people the kind of massage your business offers. For instance, Motherhood Massage tells people that you focus on massages for pregnant women or pre-natal massages. Some specialized-based names could include phrases like “hot stone massage”, “therapeutic massage” or “Swedish massage”.

Elite Hands Massage

Your company’s name could tell people how your services are priced. If you’re going for upscale customers, you want the business name to convey the cost. For instance, custom massage, spa massage or elite massage convey these feelings of high price. However, if you provide basic services, you can have sayings that demonstrate the savings like “basic massage” or “no-frills massage.

Professional Massage Treatments

It’s important that a professional business owner makes people clearly understand that the company doesn’t offer any sexual or sensual services. If you pick a business name that includes the words “professional” or “medical treatment”, than you’ll steer clear of being classified as a company that offers sexual or sensual services.

The Healing Garden

Be sure you highlight your company’s unique points. With a name like Healing Garden, you could offer massage therapy services that take place outside in a garden. A name may also reflect your other services offered.



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