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Keys to the Success in Massage Therapy Business

how to success in massage business

How to success in massage business?

Here I provide you 6 Key Steps To Ensure You’re Successful In The Massage Therapy Field

When it comes to business success, including massage therapy businesses, there are an array of factors that come into play including but not limited to:

  • Location
  • Delegating services
  • Working for established business

It’s important you have an array of skills when you work somewhere that has numerous practitioners.  You should also have interpersonal skills, professional practices, proper bookkeeping skills and other things that ensure you’re successful for your massage therapy business.

Step 1 – Have A Professional Appearance

It’s imperative you have a professional appearance – stay clean, neat and physically fit so your clients will think highly of your professionalism. You also want to adhere to all proper sanitation practices.


Step 2 – Have Current Paperwork On Clients

Be sure your clients’ paperwork is all current. Be sure you take notes after each session. Fill out expenses and income logs. Fill out the necessary receipts and any business-related forms right away that pertain to your business. This is really important for subcontractors and self-employed practitioners.


Step 3 – Spread The Word About Your Business

You want to spread the word about your business – important for subcontractors or self-employed massage therapists. You need to know what kind of clients you’re going after and advertise via the Internet, newspaper business ads, etc. You want existing clients to tell others about the benefits you offer with your service. One of the best, most inexpensive forms of marketing is word of mouth advertising.


Step 4 – Constantly Learn About Massage Therapy Skills

Be sure you stay on top of the latest message therapy skills and partake in continuing education classes. Clients have all kinds of treatment options to choose from along with the standard massage therapy. These new skills could help you to stay motivated about your job.


Step 5 – Set Up The Rules Of Your Business

It doesn’t matter if you work for an established business or self-employed, you need to lay out the rules and guidelines and abide by them. Lay out the rules for missed appointments, late arrivals, payment details, etc.


Step 6 – Be Sure Your Enthusiastic About Your Job

When it comes to massages, you want to always be enthusiastic about the job.  You want to have the desire to work one-on-one with people in a quiet environment. Remember, massage therapy is personal, and if you dread your job, your clients going to feel it.


2 Things You’ll Need

  • Business policy written up
  • Computer/bookkeeping ledger


Special Tip

Basically, in order to have a successful business, you need to continue your learnings by checking out the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals, The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork and The American Massage Therapy Association or become nationally certified.


Word Of Caution

It’s imperative you get regular exercise and plenty of rest to avoid any potential injuries that could come from your massage therapy occupation. After all, it’s a difficult activity that involves a lot of repetitive movements.

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