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Why show respect to Masseuses or Escorts?


Dear readers, we all enjoying erotic massages, strip club or meeting an escort at some level, when you meet a sex worker, should you respect her/him ? Today , I’m glad to invite Hana from Eros Massage to talk about her opinion on this topic. I like to hear your thoughts on this one. Hi everybody, It has been a while …

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Keys to the Success in Massage Therapy Business

how to success in massage business

How to success in massage business? Here I provide you 6 Key Steps To Ensure You’re Successful In The Massage Therapy Field When it comes to business success, including massage therapy businesses, there are an array of factors that come into play including but not limited to: Location Delegating services Working for established business It’s important you have an array …

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How to Open a Massage business in UK

open a legitimate massage therapy service in UK

  Since so many readers wrote to me asking about how to open a massage establishment in UK and the cost of starting this business, I decided start a series articles on the topic of ‘Start your massage business’. I worked in the field of massage therapy for over 20 years in UK and I have opened over 5 massage companies with lots …

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Names for Massage therapy companies

choose a right name for your massage business

5 Names That Accurately Conveys What Your Massage Therapy Business Is All About If you’re going to open a massage therapy business, you need to make sure you have a catchy name in order to stir imagination and catch people’s eyes. You want a name that stands out from your competitors in a positive way. Of course, you’ll need to …

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Cost to open a massage business in UK

cost of open a UK massage business

What Kinds of Cost Could You Expect You To Pay To Become A Massage Therapist More and more insurance companies have chosen to cover massage therapy to folks who need relief from pain that’s caused by stress or injuries related to work.  This news is wonderful to the ears of the licensed massage therapist, who has only been able to …

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Supplies for your Massage therapy business

massage therapy supplies

7 Must-Haves To Ensure Your Massage Therapy Business Runs Properly Okay, so you’ve got your massage therapy license in London or any other area in UK, now you need to open your massage therapy business. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to work in your own home or at a salon/spa, you need supplies to ensure your business is up …

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Successfully Open A Massage Therapy Business with 7 Important Steps

open a massage therapy business in London

If you want to become an entrepreneur – your own boss – nothing is as lucrative as the massage therapy business. And, if you don’t want to work as an independent agent, you can find work with a healthcare provider – chiropractor or orthopedic doctor – or you can find work at a gym or spa. Massage therapists offer many …

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