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My sexy massage experience in London

the massage room

When it comes to the art of erotic massage, London has some of the best services that you will find anywhere. I have long-since dreamed of what the perfect sexy massage would look and feel like, and the manager Lora at CLOUD9 Massage has allowed me to write about my experiences and fantasies with erotic massage services. In the coming months I’ll share with you some of my deepest fantasies and explore the wonders of erotic massage. There are so many different ways that you can go with a massage like this and even I’m not sure exactly where to start because I can already picture a fully nude masseuse rubbing me down, complete with a hand massage at the end to take my pleasure to new levels.

my experience…

I think I’d start off with one masseuse. I can already imagine making the call, asking for a sexy blond woman who can show me a good time. I’d invite her back to my home so that we can have all the privacy that we need. When she arrives, I’m already wearing nothing but a towel to save time because we both know what’s going to happen. The anticipation is mounting and when I see her sexy body, I get even more excited about the pleasures ahead. She takes off her coat and is wearing nothing but a hot little negligee. I can’t believe my eyes. This beautiful woman is about to take all of my stresses and cares away with erotic massage. London is really a great place to be right now.

I lead her into the next room where my massage will take place. I’m told to remove my towel and lie down, and I gladly oblige. She starts massaging my legs, working her way up from my feet slowly. Every single touch sends relaxing pleasure through my body. She works her way up to my back, massaging every inch of my skin along the way, and before I know it, she is mounted on top of me, rubbing all of my cares away with her gentle, yet firm hands. I close my eyes and let her take me to a world of complete relaxing bliss.

Just as I’m getting really relaxed, she tells me to roll over and takes off her lingerie. Now there is a fully naked, beautiful woman standing right in front of me. I can’t help but get a little excited. She starts rubbing the front of my legs, working her way up my body. She bypasses my growing excitement as she massages her way up my stomach and chest. She starts doing body slides, rubbing her breasts up and down my skin and adding to my pleasure. Then, she slides her magical hands down my body and begins rubbing me toward orgasm. That doesn’t take long because I’m already so hot from this sexy woman’s touch. As I’m lying there, basking in the feeling of release and relaxation, she smiles at me, re-dresses herself, and asks if there is anything else that she can do for me. I am so relaxed I can barely speak, but I’m sure that I’ll be back for more of the great erotic massage London has to offer.

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