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Discover The Best Nightlife In London

Discover The 2015 Best Nightlife Choices In London

London is the place that has got a thrilling nightlife to offer to those looking for a chance to have a crazy night. There are wide range of spots for enjoying the light life. Whether it is a hardcore night out you are planning for or you want something laid back, there are plenty of clubs and pubs in London that can let you enjoy exactly what you had been looking for.

Cargo London


This club is located in the under railway arches and it is capable of providing a pretty awesome entertainment. Diverse music and a warm and friendly crowd at Cargo can make your night thrilling. Don’t ever miss the street food canteen at global street. There is free entry on Fridays before 10 pm.

Website: http://www.cargo-london.com/

Whites Gentlemen’s club

Whites Gentlemen’s club

This is a striper’s club that was established as London’sPremier Independent lap dancing club. It has got a discreet style, it is bountiful and there are plenty of beautiful girls around for entertainment. There is a bar on the main floor in the front where pole dancing is performed. There are even plenty of private booths for private dancing.There is a private room called studio 54 where you can even arrange any of your spot parties or celebrations.

Website: http://www.clubwhites.co.uk/

Dalston Superstore

Dalston Superstore

It is a berlin style with open plan upstairs bars which makes this club look like a rave cave when you see it down from below. It can accommodate 120 people and there is even a basement in the club. Thecrowd includes locals, musical people, hipsters and gays.

Website: http://dalstonsuperstore.com/

Corsica Studios

Corsica Studios

This studio was established by an independent arts organization that had planned for developing creative spaces in the city. Full breadth party nights are common. Off modern nights, music nights with The Ransom Notes, disco with Trouble Vision are some of the celebrations enjoyed in the studios. Thecrowd at the studio not just includes the art students, it also includes some hipsters, music heads, and the techno heads.

Website: http://www.corsicastudios.com/



This is one of the best small clubs popularly known all around the world. It’s a low ceilinged no frills club that can accommodate 200 people. Heavy sound systems, lights and bass are some of the good features and reasons to be at this club. TheoParrish and floating points are the regular seasons that are hosted throughout the nights. Those who know about this place and those who have just found it out make the crowd.

Website: http://www.plasticpeople.co.uk/

SophistiCats Club London


If you are looking for a really entertaining striper’s club, you are looking at it. Fully nude lap dancing, stage dance, and table dancing, it is a place where you can enjoy throughout the night. There is a fun and relaxing atmosphere around. Occasional party themes are featured throughout the night. At times, there are even special touches for entertainment. If you are ready to spend some money, you are surely going to enjoy your time at SophistiCats.

Website: http://www.socats.co.uk/

If you have plans for going to London soon, don’t forget to discover the entertainment at these exciting night clubs , Pubs and Lapdancing clubs in London make a fantastic night out. If you are looking for something more exciting, you can check our Massage Parlour lists or Escort Agency Lists to find some extra fun for the night.


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