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London Massage – GET YOUR Cloud9 BACK

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A interview of Cloud9 Massage – 9 Months ago Ms Laura had an idea that has now come to reality. On the verge of expanding her business to other cities and countries we took the time to catch up with her and ask her a few questions. (LMB = London Massage Book ; Laura = the Director of Cloud9)

LMB: What is Cloud9 Massage?

Laura: “Cloud9 massage is my life, I never thought I could be so engrossed in any business as much. From being an unemployed Masters graduate I am now my own boss and I really could not wish for any thing better. This year has been filled with stress and worry but no more than any other business in the UK. I think the key to our success in this very competitive market is the consistent high standards of service and client care. It is often very difficult for new staff who come from other Massage Parlours in London where the standards are different and expect to deliver the same. So all the new staff have a trial period of 3 days so that I can evaluate their attitude. With a good attitude everyone can succeed. The main ethos I have is that the customer is king and we want every customer to leave totally relaxed and satisfied and to return for another one of our special London Massages.”

LMB: What about expanding your London Massage service?

Laura: “I am constantly looking at opportunities for improvement in terms of improving the quality of what we currently offer and also by having an additional Massage Parlour in London but no decision has been made yet. The biggest factor is the marketing and currently google is not favouring any of the massage parlours in London so whilst it is more difficult to target our marketing as I would wish it will therefore take a lot longer to establish a newmassage business. Until now the focus has been to develop a strong incall massage in Bayswater and now We will looking at increasing our outcall massage in London side of the business.”

LMB: Any regrets about entering the massage in London business?

Laura: “Entering the London adult entertainment business was never my plan, and I am sure that a lot of people in the UK are doing something that they were never qualified or trained for at the moment. I feel sorry for everyone who started university with a specific destination in mind just to find that very few or no opportunities existed once they graduated. From a personal point of view it is a business like all other businesses, It took me a year of trying other thing to eventually find a business that I managed to succeed in, and I have now gone limited and treat this as professionally as I would any other business. Adult entertainment is after all a serious business. The biggest regret is that many people look down on this business as something disgusting presuming that a massage parlours in London is a code name for a brothel. Some massage parlours in London may well be but we do not. I just don’t see the need to enter into a discussion about my business with anyone so I very rarely tell people the nature of my business for fear of been categorized, criticized and condemned. This is the only regret as I am so proud of what I have achieved in such a short time but I doubt I will be nominated for business woman of the year in this industry. (she smiles) Other than this I have no regrets at all, I enjoy meeting people and there are so many lovely people who are our clients.”

LMB: So how would you describe what Cloud9 London Massage does?

Laura: “ Cloud9 Massage in London provides a high quality massage service to predominantly high end clients in the central London area via our incall massage in Paddington and Bayswater service from our luxury apartment and also to visiting businessmen in the city centre via our outcall massage in London service. We tend to operate our outcall massage in Chelsea & Kensington, Mayfair, Park Lane and Piccadilly areas of the city.”

LMB: What types of massage in London do you provide?

Laura: “ We provide sensual tantric massages in London, which are essentially naked body to body massages and the variations of these can be seen on our websites. They are all very sensual massages and very relaxing. Many people are now requesting soapy massages which we can accommodate as well.”

LMB: And what would your call to action be for anyone who hasn’t tried a Cloud9 Massage in London

Laura: “ Our slogan for want of a better phrase is Get Your CLOUD NINE Back! Call us on 07918 113 143 , Find the details on  our website ( www.londonnudemassage.com ) and book your appointment.”

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