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What if your girlfriend find out you are getting an happy ending?

From the editor: Here in London Massage Book we have listed a bunch of London massage parlours offering happy ending services, if you are single , it’s probably the best way to relax and release, if you are in a relation, you might have to think about this: what if your girlfriend find out you are getting a happy ending massage? It’s really depends – is a happy ending massage means cheat? or, is having an affair with your colleague is more forgivable?

getting an happy ending massage but be sure your girl friend won't find out
Happy ending massage is fun to enjoy, but just make sure it is discreet enough.

Please read on, what a women would think when she knows you got a happyending.

Rumors are flying that Taylor Swift broke up with her current boyfriend, Calvin Harris. Well who cares anyway? You probably don’t even know who Calvin Harris is, except maybe a younger, more hip version of Coldplay front man Chris Martin. Anyhow the reason she dumped him is why RadarOnline made this headline news, and according to them Taylor got curious when she found out Calvin had gone to a Thai massage salon when he has his very own masseuse on staff. When he couldn’t come up with anything more than a BS excuse, she gave him the boot:

According to an insider, “When RadarOnline posted photos of Harris leaving the Asian massage parlor, Taylor asked him, ‘WTF?’ But instead of telling her the truth, he lied giving her some BS excuse that his own masseuse was ill and his shoulder needed to be worked on.” That didn’t fly with Swift who told him to hit the road, according to the inside source.

Who knows if Harris ended up getting a hand job from some random Thai masseuse or not, but it is certainly suspicious that a celebrity worth over $100 million would go to a place sporting a neon sign in the middle of a strip mall. Couldn’t he get an appointment at Bliss? Give me a break!

At any rate, I could care less whether Harris got his pee pee yanked, though I do hope he acted like a gentleman and left a tip. What I am interested in knowing is whether you would consider a guy having a happy ending reason enough to end your relationship? If you found out that your lover had offered an extra $25 to get a hand job by some random strip-mall masseuse, would that be the end for you?

As for myself, I honestly do not think cheating is an automatic deal breaker, nor do I think less of sex workers of any type, so I doubt I would consider someone receiving a professional hand job that was paid for, to be any more of a betrayal than getting a hand job for free from some random chick. On the other hand (pardon the pun) I do think I would have some feelings about this situation. There’s something so pathetic, even sad about this.

In the end a hand job is kind of dumb. I’d even say that even the best of professionals still don’t give as good a hand job as you could give yourself! So my attitude about this is if it were my boyfriend I would be like, “Hang on a minute. Did you really risk what we have together so you could park your car in a crappy little strip mall lot, sneak your ass into who knows what kind of cheap massage parlor sporting a neon sign, just so you could get your pathetic little penis stroked by some woman who’s probably texting on her iPhone using her other hand? You were actually willing to give up me for the momentary pleasure of having this woman mop up your cum using single-ply toilet paper?” Actually, I really don’t think I would be mad as much as I would be embarrassed. Not for me, but for him!

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