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What is Yoni Massage

yoni massage benefit women

A full Tantric massage is carried out on the whole of the body, whether you are male or female. Every part of your body receives attention, allowing it to fully participate in the overwhelming feelings of bliss and joy. When you opt for a Tantric massage, you may be asked whether you want to include a yoni massage or a lingam massage. These are usually optional extras, but definitely an experience that you can savour at the tantric massage expert hands .

Specially for the fairer sex

A yoni massage refers to the special massage of a woman’s genital area, more specifically the vaginal area. It may or may not include digital penetration, depending on your preference. Yoni is a Sanskrit word and means sacred temple or even divine passage. A lingam massage is the massage of a male’s genitals, more specifically the penis. Lingam is also a Sanskrit word and means wand of light. (Learn more about lingam massage orgasm)

It is true that women will attend a therapeutic massage but few have tried a Tantric massage. This can be due to a variety of reasons, one of which is that women are generally more sensitive about the look of their body than the men. In fact, they are more reserved or even shy about exposing their most intimate parts of their body, so very few will have considered yoni massage.

Massaging the vagina is a very intimate experience and one that many women will not undertake until they have a high level of trust for their masseuse. This means, that very often, a woman will experience a Tantric massage but will, rarely request a yoni massage on the first occasion.

Experiencing a yoni massage is a wonderful experience and once you have had the fortune to enter the state of bliss that this encourages; it is one that you will certainly want to repeat. The well placed experience of the masseuse will allow you to feel completely comfortable with all aspects of the massage, and digital penetration will only occur once you feel absolutely comfortable.

As all Tantric massages start with breathing exercises allowing you to bond and gain a rapport with your therapist. This exchange of energy will allow you to fully relax and experience all the Tantric massage has to offer. If you want a yoni massage without digital penetration then you just need to make this clear to your masseuse. In fact, you can change your mind at any time, which gives you the confidence to make that decision, once you realize just how wonderful it makes you feel.

Release yourself from all woes

A yoni massage will steer you towards orgasm, but again, if you do not want this to happen then you can just say so. However, once you allow yourself to be carried away in the feelings of ecstasy that Tantric massage can release, then orgasm will come naturally.

Many women suffer from low self esteem and this is something that Tantric massage can help with. Tantra teaches the love and respect for the physical body, as well as the mind, and being able to learn how to feel cherished and honoured in a safe and relaxing environment will allow you to heal any imbalance in your energy, allowing positive feelings of self-love to evolve.

Traditionally, the root charka is associated with sexual energy, and this is where the feelings of self are stored. Yoni massage helps to release the energy that can be stuck in this chakra, which in turn allows the positive feelings to emerge. Trading the negative feelings for the positive is a wonderfully exhilarating and freeing experience and one that can have positive long-term benefits on your overall health as well as your emotional intelligence.

Of course, yoni massage is a very intimate massage and it is necessary to completely trust your masseuse. If you have emotional warmth towards your masseuse and a confidence in his or her abilities then you are halfway to enjoying their beneficial erotic experience. Being relaxed in a warm atmosphere will make a huge difference and having control over the choice of music, candles, oils, etc. will all go a long way to building up trust with your masseuse.

All in all, enjoying a yoni massage is the first step to increasing your confidence in your personal and sexual relationships and it can also help eradicate any sexual inhibitions. Don’t you deserve the best, ladies?

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