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In working as a London Tantric massage therapist for many years I was often told that I had Magic Hands. Over time, and particularly since exploring the world of tantra, I have come to believe that the magic is not in my hands, but in my heart. The difference in the quality of my touch comes from that level – the emotional rather than the physical. But more than that, the magic is in your heart and my intention in working with you is to help you to connect with your own heart and have an experience of the magic it contains, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Tantric massage aims to move beyond mere sexual pleasure into the realms of bliss. It awakens the entire body – creating a sense of expansion and a connection to the life-force energy within us all. Throughout the massage you are honoured as a manifestation of the Divine and encouraged to access this fundamental part of your being. The state of deep peace and bliss that we can connect to is, I believe, our true nature and experiencing it directly during this time can help us to live more from this place within us.

With ancient roots in Indian spiritual practices, tantric massage works on the energetic anatomy of the body as much as the physical. It is designed to awaken an energy known as Kundalini which is said to live dormant at the base of the spine like a coiled snake. When released, this energy flows up pathways in and around the spine, activating energy centres known as chakras and can be transmuted into a spiritual form.

This energy can also be used by the body for healing of mental, emotional and physical ills. Although this is not the main purpose of tantra, it is an enjoyable side effect. The healing comes from within you and is not in anyway created or given to you by the therapist who is merely a catalyst in the process.

Both men and women in our culture often have hang-ups and issues around our appearance and our sexuality. Whether that be a dislike of our body, a sense of shame around our desires or an unhealthy obsession with performance most of us have something that prevents us from fully enjoying our life and our sexuality. In its open accepting of the entire body and our natural sexuality, Tantra can help to counter these problems and bring us into healthier relationship with the entirety of ourselves. If you have specific issues in this area please let me know beforehand and we can explore ways to help in a more profound way to assist you in clearing these.

The tantric massage is generally performed on a futon mattress on the floor but can also be done on a massage table. Both you and I will be in an open, natural state of nakedness. Before the treatment I will suggest that you establish a pattern of breathing deeply into your belly – coming back to this breath if you find you have lost it will enhance the process. I will encourage you to maintain your awareness in each present moment – really feeling the touch you are experiencing. I will encourage you to move with the energy and to make sound to create a greater release of tension and build up of healing energy.

As with the naturist massage I encourage you not to touch me as this will bring you outside yourself. To take this time to be totally present to what you are feeling is an important part of the process. You may find that keeping your eyes closed allows you to connect more fully with the sensations in your body – or you may wish to make regular eye contact with me – to see and to be seen.

The session begins with you lying face down while I perform an honouring ritual connecting us with ourselves, each other and the Divine.
Warm oils (scented or not as you prefer) are spread generously over your body and the whole of you is massaged, tenderly and with total attention. If you wish to explore massage of the prostate this can also be included during this part of the massage. The prostate gland is a very sensitive area of men that can create a very profound release of energy. I can be worked partially externally at the perineum but deeper access is afforded internally via the anus. This part of the treatment is optional and I will always allow you to opt not to experience it or to stop at any point if you wish to try it but then feel either physical or emotional discomfort around it.

As you reach higher levels of bliss you may find yourself on an orgasmic plateau where the experience of orgasm and ejaculation are separated. Here you can bask in waves of bliss for many hours without the deflation that follows ejaculation. You may feel waves of energy flowing around your body and a sense of expansion beyond your usual physical confines. This can happen spontaneously in any session (even your first) and can be encouraged by working with breath and visualisation. If trying to achieve this creates a sensation of frustration for you it is acceptable to have a conventional orgasm but I encourage you to try for the deeper experience of full-body orgasm as this is where the magic is! Read here for more information.

As this is a deep process it takes time to achieve this state. This is not a simple massage with a ‘happy ending’ – let alone a ‘rub and a tug’ . It takes time to build this energy and to relax into it and so sessions are a minimum of 2 hours, though longer sessions are also available and recommended. Sessions cost £100 per hour.

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