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Soapy Nuru and Erotic Massage

Bubbles soapy massage

London Massage Book as an exclusive massage parlour Guide magazine & directory , listing lots of erotic massage agencies as well as independent masseuses in London. What resonates in your mind when you first think of sensual massage? Let me guess, Leisurely music, soft hands? It feels wonderful doesn’t it? Now imagine a woman massaging, thus feeling your delicate body, Hot, isn’t it. In the next few lines, well speak about sought after massages including soapy, nuru and erotic.

So, what is soapy massage?

The Soapy massage also known as bubbles massage / soapyland massage or ‘a bath ritual ‘. It’s bathing in a warm water full of soapy bubble and odor filled with SPA salt of you own choice.  The massage commences with a bathing routine where the nude woman practicing the massage cleans with vast array of scented soaps.  As she cleans with soaps, she will caress her nude body over yours and massage your whole body. Consequently, it calms your tense muscles, paving the way for more intense kind such as Nuru and Erotic massage.

So what’s Nuru massage?

It’s a body slide massage where both the woman doing the massage and the customer are both naked. To do so, the woman uses a specific thick substance that is like jelly called Nuru. The gel is warmed to comfortable level before being applied to the body. It’s has no color or smell (good for people sensitive to smell) and very silky applied all over the body from top to bottom. Afterwards, she will glide her body including breasts to massage your body for a full sensual experience.   The massage is implemented on a bloated cushion or a bed enveloped with Polyurethane blanket.  It’s a malleable and enduring assembled product that can replace cotton among other products.

Read more about how to provide nuru massage to your boyfriend.

Last but not least is Erotic Massage.

It’s sexually gratifying, including foreplay followed by in some cases vaginal intercourse. An erotic massage provides the following benefits:

1) Stress relief results in a more positive outlook on life. People with less stress can handle life problems far better than people in constant fight or flight mode.

2) Increased blood stream within the body.Not only blood body delivers oxygen but carries toxic substance for elimination by proper body organs. The massage works as plunger can open blocked drain on the muscles and skin.

In conclusion, going for sensual massage once in a while can have long term positive affects for your emotional health.

by J.K CROFT from Erotic London Massage Agency


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