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Why show respect to Masseuses or Escorts?


Dear readers, we all enjoying erotic massages, strip club or meeting an escort at some level, when you meet a sex worker, should you respect her/him ? Today , I’m glad to invite Hana from Eros Massage to talk about her opinion on this topic. I like to hear your thoughts on this one.

Hi everybody,

It has been a while that I sat down and wrote a serious post. First of all I have been off work and next to that you need time to think about what to write and gather your thoughts.

The adult industry is probably as old as mankind. Where there is a need…and there always was and will be…for many reasons.
There are so many forms and variations to be found in this industry. As my regular clients know I stay far away from most of them. But some conservative minds will argue that hey tantric or erotic massage is prostitution as well.
Well not really. A Tantric masseuse is in my view not a prostitute as she does not engage in any form of active sex. We work with sexual energy and yes if you prefer so we will bring you to a point where you can let go. But that is not engaging my body in active sex so it does not make me a prostitute.

What sometimes gets forgotten is that behind every sex worker there hides a human. A person. A person with a view on things and with a life. A person with feelings and a heart. And most of all a soul.
It doesn’t matter if that sex worker is a masseuse or an all round hard core escort who does sm and the like…
In life everyone is in the end responsible for his or her choices. That applies to me and to my clients and to all of us. But what often happens, because of differences in standing, class, money, education, origin and so on, that people loose respect for one another. Why would an escort deserve less respect for her personality than anybody else?
Don’t we all have a soul and don’t we all let our light shine a little bit on this world?

So the discussion point that I like to bring up is this: Should a masseuse or an escort or a pole dancer deserve less respect than people of high class and standing? Just because we give pleasure and relaxation does that make us lesser human beings? Or a toy to be played with?
I personally think we are all equal and we all do good things and we all make mistakes. We all have a soul in spite of the choices that we make in life. It is easy to be judgmental. It is much harder not to and respect others for what they are without exercising judgement.

So dear clients and whoever reads this: any time you see a masseuse or an escort think about her soul and her person as well when she lets you enjoy her gorgeous body. It makes the work so much nicer for the provider and you know what it will make the service for you so much nicer too.
Don’t misunderstand me: I am not saying my clients don’t show me respect. Guys, regulars, you have been great. Thank you !!!
Of course not everybody I met down the road was so nice but hey believe me they are not regulars in my business.

I like to hear your thoughts on this one.

See you soon and have a lovely evening !!

Sincerely yours,


About Hana: Hana is an independent sensual massage therapist at Eros Massage currently living in London.

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  1. I am woefully inexperienced in these complex interpersonal relations, but in my half dozen sessions so far, I have felt nothing but gratitude and a deep sense of well being and joy with three young masseuses.

    One of whom has graciously provided a deliciously naughty sense of intimacy that is sadly missing from my life these days.

    How could I not respect them for their commitment and high level of customer service? Perhaps it’s naive but I hope their interactions with me have felt positive as well in that they sense my appreciation and respect.

  2. Just wanted to say you’re so right – everyone deserves respect and I hope all your clients show you the respect you so obviously deserve.

  3. I totally agree providers what ever form they take add value to society. Lets face it if they did not people would not use their service.

    After all it does say in the bible he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    Live and let live ;0)

  4. For me, any lady in whatever branch of this industry, deserves the utmost respect and appreciation, if she is in the business for the right reasons.

    1) She must provide a good service.

    2 She must not only be in it for the money, to get as much money off clients, in the minimum time.

    3) Respect must be a two way thing. If the client gives her respect, and acknowledges her boundaries, and treats her as a human being, then the lady should also similarly respect the client.

    4)I have no real respect for ladies who have not got a clue what they are doing, and are only doing it because they cannot find normal employment, or they are only in it for quick cash, or they cannot work legally due to employment restrictions.

    5) I have no respect for ladies who rush the appointment, who get you in and out as quickly as possible, and who have the next client waiting outside (or even hiding elsewhere in her flat !!!)

    6) I have absolutely no idea why ladies in this business do not deserve the same respect as any other profession. It is all a question of attitude, and many just don’t understand the reason for the profession is purely supply and demand. No demand, and there would be no ladies supplying. There must be a large demand because the industry seems to be extensive, and has survived the recent financial crises, whereas other industries have gone through very bad times.

    7) I have enjoyed the fruits of the industry in 5 different countries, and I believe the industry in the UK is as good, if not better than all the others.

    8) Attitudes to ladies who are service providers will not change quickly, as the topic is not freely discussed outside those who are frequent users of the industry. It is normally a forbidden subject because of very old fashioned attitudes.

    Those are my views, I would be pleased to hear if others agree or differ.


  5. I really don’t think that women who work in the sex industry should be treated any differently from nurses, solicitors, psychiatrists, policemen or even judges and magistrates.

    They all deal with different aspects of human activity, they all have a place in society, there is a demand for all of them, and they all get paid according to the demand for their services, and the number of people willing to work in that industry.

    Personally I have much less respect for some professional footballers who only perform twice a week for 90 minutes, and get paid ludicrous sums for being not very good.If they were paid on results, things would be a lot different.

    I also admire the courage of women in this industry, as it must take a lot of courage to deal with some of the customers who inevitably must knock on their door.

    I often wonder if it were the other way around, and all sorts of strange women were knocking on my door, how I would react. It cannot be easy.

    So respect is definitely due to those women who are in this industry, who put up with us, and provide an amazing service to keep us coming back.


  6. I have always given respect to all (unless proven not to be wise), whatever background or profession.

    I cannot show how much respect I have for the ladies who work in this industry who I have met and will meet. Mostly I see a lady 2-3 times max and then move on (as they say variety is spice of life).
    However, I have kept in touch with 3 ladies and meet a couple of times a year for lunch or dinner and stay in contact by mobile.

    I find that we all go through tough times and during these periods visiting a lady for a sensual massage or just a Swedish massage can make all the difference to being stressed and not stressed. Just that closeness with a sensual lady and magic hands is better than any doctor visit or even a night out with friends.
    This should be given as a treatment via NHS or Bupa!

    I have not had the privilege to meet you but hope to in the future, but just by having a site like this puts you in the true Lady category (a woman who is refined, polite, and well-spoken and able to put people at ease).
    Take care.

  7. I think respect between any provider and their client starts from the beginning, when they first meet, and has to be kept, even though the relationship between the provider and the client may develop over subsequent visits.

    To keep the respect but to develop the relationship, is a very difficult thing to achieve, especially in this field.

    To be quite honest, when you have a drop dead gorgeous lady attending to your naughty bits in an intimate way, most males would misbehave. To then keep seeing the lady over a period of time, and not to get tempted to push her boundaries beyond her limits, is very difficult.

    So for all of you out there who have seen Hana several times, and have behaved yourself, you have my great respect.

    I have only seen Hana a few times, and I have shown great respect for her at all times, but the more I see her, the harder it gets to keep the relationship on an acceptable basis to both provider and client.

    Have any other clients had the same problem?

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