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Random facts about Erotic Massage in London

Tantra is an act of spiritual mediation of the mind and body. The modern meaning of Tantra is the spiritual sex of the body and mind to bring the practitioner to a higher spiritual plane. Why not book your Tantric Massage today and elevate your spiritual and sexual energy.

Erotic and Sensual massage is a sex therapy. The benefits will help to stimulate the libido and increase sexual energy and your sex drive! This is proven to help increase the performance in the bedroom. Visit us today and refresh your libido, you will not be disappointed!

Lingam Massage is part of the art of Tantra. Lingam means “wand of light” and the massage is the sexual stimulation and relaxation of the male pelvic region. This massage will help you to have more control of your sexual energy and drive. It can even help relieve stress! With so many reasons there is no need to feel embarrassed! Come see us and let us stimulate your internal energy.

Soapy / Bubble Massage is a technique originating from Thailand. This consists of bathing with the masseuse and then receiving a great soapy massage! It is fun and with many benefits such as better skin and better body appearance! Try out this unique experience that you won’t forget!

Nuru is an ancient Japanese art of erotic massage. The technique consists of using Nuru oils and the bare skin of the masseuses. This is the body to body sensual massage that will definitely provide you with a new experience and sensation. Book a Nuru massage to relax and feel the slippery body of our masseuse against you.


By Anton from Cloud9 Asian Massage

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