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What is nuru massage?

london nuru massage

What is a nuru massage? Today, LMB have invited a professional masseuse Cindy from London nude massage to introduce the nuru massage. A nuru massage is the ancient Japanese art of erotic massage. This technique consists of using Nuru gels and the bare skin and body of a masseuse. A nuru massage is a type of sensual massage where the receiver is covered in nuru gel which provides a slippery surface on the body to allow the masseuse to comfortably rub her body over the recipient. This provides the client an exciting and relaxing experience where you get the opportunity to participate in the performance.

A nuru massage is also known as a slippery body to body massage. As the name states, the experience is a slippery and close contact massage. The nuru gel is used as a lubricant to reduce the friction between the two bodies to create a slippery contact. The nuru gel is warmed up before use to help to reduce a cold contact with the skin. The nuru gels are washed off at the end of the session and should leave the skin well circulated and overall condition improved.

Some of the nuru massage benefits include:

–          Increased skin circulation to help to improve the condition of the skin

–          Reduces any stress and tension of both the body and mind

–          Detox the skin

Using the highest quality nuru gels feel amazing on the skin. The quality of the nuru gels can make it suitable for all types of skin. From sensitive to tough skin, you can expect to receive the greatest sensual experience.

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