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A List Of Tantric Massage business in London, UK

a list of tantric massage in London
a list of tantric massage in London

A while back I listed a series of London Asian Massage parlours on a post I published after a number of my readers requested the information. As it turned out this post garnered quite a bit of attention with many people posting comments.

With such a huge viewership it comes as no surprise that some people would find fault with what I wrote. What I heard more than once was that I only had shops listed that were located in Central London(London Zone 1). The truth is that I wasn’t attempting to cover the entire city, because for me, and a lot of other residents, “the city” really is central London. I didn’t intentionally leave out the other four boroughs; it just didn’t seem necessary at the time. Another issue that came up a few times was that some had relocated and others had since disappeared.

Massage shops come and go and Tantric ones are no different. Owners change, leases end and they relocate. This is just the reality, especially in the current climate in the UK You can understand that it would be difficult to maintain a totally up to date list unless I made it my mission to check in on every establishment in town on a continual basis.

What I’m happy to do is provide a current list of Tantric Massage temples in the city based on what I know today. I will try to update you on a semi regular basis if you’re still interested and asking for the information. Let me remind you that I am not promoting or endorsing any of these shops, I’m just passing on the information I’ve found.

Readers may also be interested in an earlier post explaining how London massage parlors typically work in some detail. As always your personal experience may vary.

London butterfly massageButterfly Sensual Massage – This is the same shop that I listed before so they’ve been established in this town for a good long time now. It’s a tough, competitive business to be in anywhere, especially in London, so their longevity must mean they’re doing things right and taking care of customers. The Butterfly Massage website is still at http://gomassagelondon.co.uk/ and their phone number hasn’t changed from +44(0)744 883 6016. 

lsm sensual massageLSM Erotic Massage – This is one more shop that has lasted long enough to make it from one of my lists to the next. Hot Lips is located very conveniently right in Mayfair. While other shops try to maintain a low profile, LSM has staff members listed on their website with links to their respective customer reviews. Their website is http://londonsensualmassage.co.uk/ and their phone number is +44(0)742-326-0068. 

seventh heaven tantric massage7th Heaven – This shop had opened just a short time before I made my previous list and it is still in business today. Although there has been some turnover in staff, this massage parlor seems to continually attract the best girls in the business. This is an indication that 7th Heaven can be counted on to provide a great customer experience every time. According to their website, they even offer a Tie&Tease Sensual service. 7th heaven website is: http://www.7thheavenasianmassage.com Their phone number is +44(0)75858-77798. 


eros-massage Eros – This massage parlor is very conveniently located, very close to the Marylebone station & baker street tube. The staff at this massage parlor all seem to be very well endowed and for some reason I have the impression that many of the women working here are new to the United Kingdom. I did not have Eros named on my previous list, so this is something new for my readers. After a feel booking with Eros, I found Eros is a very well established tantric massage temple in this city. Their website is https://www.erosmassagelondon.com/ and their phone number is +44(0)774-185-7381. 

peachy massagePeachy Massage – This shop is existing in London for quite a long time and their office can be found on 189 Piccadilly W1J 9ES (not open to public). Although I really don’t know a lot about them I have to applaud them for creating a great looking website, very modern in every way. This doesn’t give me any firsthand information on their staff members or the quality of their service, but the website is beautiful to visit and from what I can tell, you can request a body slide as this is one of the services they provide. Their phone number is +44 (0) 7956682266, website: www.peachymassagelondon.co.uk 

tantric touchTantric Touch – This shop is not the same as Oriental Tantric Touch, which was named on my previous list, but it does appear to be another version of a shop that operated under a different name. Name changes are nothing new in this business so I wouldn’t be concerned; it’s not a sign of them ripping customers off or anything of the kind. London Tantric touch can be found in the East London (Shoreditch E1 6HR) and I’ve noticed they’re getting good reviews. tantirc Touch has a website at http://www.tantrictouchlondon.com/ and their phone number is 07551 969265. 

sky tantric massageSky Tantric – This shop is not near your usual Tantric massage temples, as they’re more on the west end. Although they’re relatively new it seems like they must be well connected somehow because they have a very professionally done set up and it seems to be run very well. They also don’t seem to be afraid to clue you in on what customers think of them since you can find links to their reviews right on their website http://skytantricmassage.com/

Their phone number is +44(0)7518-409-462.

asian fantasy escort

Asian Fantasy – This is one more shop in Mayfair London offering all the escort & massage services. It’s no surprise that staff members might be here today and gone tomorrow. But for some reason Asian fantasy seems to always attract great looking women, among them is Sakura who is absolutely gorgeous. They too post links to reviews on their website. Their phone number is +44(0)777-660-8681. 

the cloud9 tantric massage

CLOUD9 Tantric Massage – This shop was listed on my previous list, which means it made it through the normal industry challenges. Their operation still continues on in central London Paddington area and by now Cloud9 seems to have set the standard in this area. They have a reputation for providing good customer service and with Miya and Tiffany still working there, who could complain? Cloud9 contact infromation is still the same: website is http://www.londonnudemassage.com and its phone number is +44(0)7918-113-143. 

karma massageKarma Tantric – This massage parlor can be found in Paddington area. and may be new because I just now found out about it. Because it’s new I really can’t tell you much, but from what I can see the staff looks to be very attractive. Karma’s website is karmatantric.com and their phone number is 0207 898 3212.


butterfly touch

Butterfly Touch – Not to be confused with Butterfly sensual massage from the above list, this shop offers a similar level of service and a stellar looking staff. Their website is www.butterfly-touch.co.uk and their phone number is 07557301606. 

asia mysticMystic Tantric Massage – This massage parlor was on my last list and is still doing well. They have a new girl named Miranda who has a very generous bust line, and of course Sweety is as hot as they get. The shop’s website is www.asiatantricmassage.co.uk and its phone number is +44(0)7423-091-696.

This is it for now. It may not have every single shop in London, but it should provide you with enough information to last you awhile since I’m not sure when I’ll be putting together another list. As you know, I am happy to hear your comments so don’t be shy in giving me your feedback on my lists or anything else that may be on your mind. And don’t forget, listing these does not mean that I am recommending any of these establishments. I’m not advocating for anything at all on my website, just providing information and sometimes a little bit of entertainment.

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