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The Insight into the Tantric Massage History

The word Tantrism has various meanings, and its true meaning might have been lost ages ago. Some researchers believe that this word origins from a Sanscrit word that means sloth or sapestry symbolizing something threaded into our lives. Others claim that this word arises from two Sanscrit words ?”tan” and “tra”. “Tan” is expansion of the consciousness, while “tra” denotes instrument. So we may say that Tantrism expands and releases the consciousness creating thus a tapestry of existence.

It is documented to come from the territory where modern India is now, arising five to seven or even more thousand years ago. It is believed that Tantrism even influenced Hinduism and Buddhism.

Being the highest possible synthesis of love and meditation, Tantrism is also a link between the third dimension and other ones beyond the physical existence. As well as other religious philosophies, Tantrism encompasses a deep spiritual understanding of life and an ancient art of living in balance with the reality. It is an artistic science of super sensuality rooted not only in India and Tibet thousands of years ago, but also in the Far East, Polynesia and other ancient cultures all over the world, including the Amerindian culture. It used to be a source of achieving the infinite intelligence and union with the divine.

As for Tantric massage, it is regarded to be of Hindu origin and is based on the idea that the inner energies of a male, called Shiva, and a female, or Shakti, should reach and maintain mutual harmony. West Europeans are used to the thought that you can have spiritual growth excluding physical pleasure from your life, or, vice versa, physical pleasure deprives of spiritual evolution. So, unlike traditional European religions, Tantric massage offers achieving spiritual heights through physical and sensual pleasures.

There are variants of tantric massage nowadays. Well-trained modern masseuses cope perfectly with any of them. Tantrism reveals some exotic for western people kinds of massage.

Tantric Classic massage

It is the most popular option that stands for a nude masseuse caressing and petrissaging you using her whole body. It is also known as naturist massage as it supposes that the masseuse is naked while you are not wearing clothes, too.

Tantric Nuru massage

Nuru massage in London has become widely spread recently. The word nuru is translated as slippery or Smooth from Japanese. It presupposes that the masseuse applies a special tasteless and odourless gel all over your body and all over her body to make the contact between you two really slippery, and then she starts gliding over you to make you a body-to-body massage.

Male G-spot

You might find it the most unexpected option of erotic massage, because it presumes that men, as well as women do, have a G-spot! The centre of emotional and physical male pleasure is found in anal orifice and plays an essential role in the male physical and emotional health. It is proved that male prostate massage prevents various serious diseases and infections. Highly professional masseuses can easily help a man relax and enjoy the massage, knowing exactly how to reach the G-spot safely and offer this complete ecstasy to a man.

4-hands massage

It implies a deep and full petrissage of the muscles as a consequence full relaxation and feeling of harmony. Due to simultaneous work of two masseuses over at a time your body, the latter gets a profound massage over all its members.

Article by Julie from Love tantric London

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