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Get a best escort Massage in London

Booking a London escort massage is probably one of the best ways to add color to your life in the big city, especially when you are in between partners at the moment. Massage female therapists are not only good at weaving the kinks out of your back, but they also good at getting that kink going in other places. Here are some great tips you can follow to become less inhibited and end up getting the bet massage experience ever – something that will definitely be one for the books.

First, it is definitely a good idea to unwind by getting a steam or a sauna bath prior to your escort massage appointment. While most people only go as far as to take a bath, you can take it one notch higher by opening your pores to get that nice clean feeling. Not only that, but your massage female therapist will also appreciate the fact that a good amount of tension is released from your muscles thanks to the steaming so your massage will be all the more sensual rather than being back-breaking. Steam up, shower down and towel yourself before the therapist arrives.

Upon arrival of the escort massage therapist, engage him in mild chit chat to get the sensual mood going. Ther would allow the two of you to warm up. Mild flirting can even be done here as a short preview of what the night could lead to. Compliment the massage female therapist on her looks, her body or both. Confidence on both sides of the fence will be great for ensuring that sometime intimate might build up. Of course, you have to ask him prior to intimacy if he is open to things like that. If it is all systems go, you will have something to look forward to after the massage.

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Always tell the escort massage therapist what you like him to do, and tell him to keep doing that. It not only allows him to tackle your stress points but it also gives him an idea of how to stimulate you if things get hot and heavy later on. Set the ambience with low lights, fluffy bedding and maybe some sexy music and something delightful is bound to happen after giving him the satisfaction of warming you up in places other than the ones he’s been kneading. You might even get some teasing going on by leading her hands to your intimate parts!

When the time for the escort massage is up, it is your signal to request for something extra. Prior to ther, make sure you have the essential “materials” within easy reach: some rubbers, lubricant and any other playthings you would like him to use on you. Getting a massage prior to play is like working your body up for something rough and tumble later on, leaving you with a self-satisfied smile as you lead him out of your room and plop down into your bed to greet sleep with the most sated of feelings. Are you getting excited? Book a sensual massage female therapist now!

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