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Gay/Straight/Bi Sensual Massage

A Sensual Massage is a sensual massage no matter who is receiving it. As I have said many times before, the sexual identity, preferences of a client visiting a male sensual masseur does not matter and the service by itself does not differ much, but the approach of the masseur probably will differ slightly depending on the client’s sexual identity, though no more than it will differ depending on other reasons.

When the masseur opens the door he should scan rapidly and identify who he is dealing with, there is not a technique for doing this, it is more a question of experience and sensibility.

It is not about identifying the sexual preference or sexual identity of the client but more with which one they are more in resonance. There is not much difference in the way I will approach a male straight client than a masculine gay client, probably the reason they come to us is the same and they are going to get aroused or mentally stimulated in a very similar way.

Probably we are talking about a very subtle way of flirting, do not forget you are visiting a person who not only knows what he is dealing with but is himself a sensual person. Sensuality is a quality not a skill, a sensual masseur is a person in contact with his sensual energy, he gets easily stimulated through the senses, he has developed a special relation with these and probably he is a sensual being whatever he does. I am sure he is not only able to perform a sensual massage, but also that he is capable of translating his sensual energy to many other levels on a daily basis, music, cooking or just the way he presents himself. As soon as you come in and you approach the massage table be sure he is aware of where your eyes are going, he is already calculating the movements and planning ahead.

It is not a manipulation, we just know it is our work, it is what you are paying for. You are not paying because you want to talk about football or have an interesting conversation about the last changes on Google algorithms. I am sure you have your friends for that so why pay for it, you are visiting a sensual masseur because you want to be seduced.

men for men sensual masasge

Gay – Straight – Bi men get seduced in different ways and is on that seduction where the service is different from one to another, but the service itself is pretty much the same therefore we are talking more about the way the masseur is presenting himself, and no, we are not pretending we are capable of switching very easily according to what is needed.

We sensual masseurs work with energies and we have a different understanding of these from the majority of people. We know or we are aware that everybody, male, female, straight, gay, have feminine and masculine energies, Ying and Yang, earth and water, sun and moon. The balance between these opposites is different for each one of us and that is what makes us unique. When you are able to see these as tools you will be able to reach or push forward the one which is more beneficial depending on the situation you are in. An erotic masseur is aware of this, if not it will be impossible for him to be a good erotic masseur.

Do not get confused, I am not talking about being more or less feminine, I am talking about being more in resonance with your masculine or feminine qualities without changing the way you behave or portray yourself; Is the matter of fact that even the most straight man will have called a woman if they wanted one and if they call a man it is because they want a male. But they of course will appreciate more a compassionate and caring attitude towards them than an aggressive dominant one. Of course there are men who feel attracted to dominant women, but under their female appearance. The same men will feel threatened if that domination comes from a male form and therefore their instinct will activate the survivor mode and the effect could be the opposite of what they experience in front of a woman.

You never went to a masseur and once you were inside he excused himself for a minute, leaving you alone and showing once you were already naked, vulnerable, face down on the table, listening only to him get naked and approach the table? That is part of the game. He could have washed his hands just before you arrived or whatever. He is excusing himself from the room but he is creating that situation with a full intention.

Bisexual clients could be a little more complex as well as Gay clientele due to all the possibilities, but what is common to all the male clients no matter what their sexual identity is the practicality common to all men. They are coming to a masseur searching for love, every and each one is coming because they need to experience the contact of another male, the proximity of a male body to theirs. It may be that with one client they can develop feelings, but that is on the side and might happen during the session, but it is never a first intention.

An open minded and relaxing attitude is what can bring you the most from a sensual massage session with another male, no matter what your sexual inclinations might be. Just bear in mind that we are going to do our best to make you feel good about yourself and we do not have any interest in judging or hanging a label on anyone coming to us.

We succeed with every client every time? Unfortunately, we do not. There is no guarantee and that does not mean your masseur did anything wrong. Massage has a component of chemistry and that is not always clear, for many reasons, maybe your expectations were too high, maybe your masseur was not able to connect with you and maybe… a very long list of maybes, no one’s fault, no one is to blame, it just did not happen. As I said, there is an intuitive component and there is not science, it just happens or not.

Just enjoy, trust, be open minded and do not force any situation. Also, why not, just say it. We are here to listen to what you want, so be clear, we are going to be clear with your requests.


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