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Experiencing Asian Massage in London

There’s a ton of rumor and innuendo floating around out there about Asian massage and Asian massage parlors in London and “happy endings” Let someone who has been there and done that fill you in.

My Asian massage experience in London.

Once you get in the shower room, disrobe and wait for the Asian masseuse to spray some warm water on the table. If you lay on it before it’s prepared you’ll not only look like a newbie, you’ll also freeze your nuts off! After she tells you it’s okay, lay face down on the table. This is the time she will feel you out. As she lathers you up, she may get into some small talk. The nicer you are here, the better service you will get later. After she washes your back (and usually your butthole) thoroughly, she’ll ask you to turn over. Sometimes they will get playful when they wash your cock and balls, sometimes they will not. It’s probably best for you if you can get hard here. I usually don’t, simply because it’s no longer novel to me at all. If you’re offered mouth wash, use it. That may mean you’re going to be allowed to kiss or more later. If you refuse, you will probably be refused too.

After you are washed and dried off, you will either be led to a small sauna room or directly back to the room. Sometimes they’ll ask if you want the shower. If they are busy, sometimes they will put you in there while they do some work in another room. If you end up in the sauna, wait there until your Asian masseuse comes to get you.

Asian massage parlour london

Back in the room you’ll be given a perfunctory massage. Don’t expect any pain relief here at all. It’s almost unheard of to get a decent massage in a Asian massage parlour. But that’s not why you’re here! Sometimes you’ll get nothing more than a few seconds of “soft massage” which involves your Asian masseuse gently gliding her fingers on your skin to get you relaxed and in the mood. Sometimes, they’ll do a few minutes of naked half-assed massage. Sometimes they’ll get right to work.

If they didn’t get their supplies while you were in the parlour, they’ll often leave at this point to get them. They will have a small bag with lube and condoms. You’ll be told to lie on the massage table on your back. A lot of times, the more professional girls will already have filled their pussies with jelly so as not to ruin the mood. They will get you hard (and by god they are good at it, you’ll be amazed, even if you have trouble getting hard in other situations) then put a condom on you. You may get a cat bath (licked all over your body, especially your nipples and balls, and sometimes even your asshole), which is popular in East Asia. They use Japanese condoms that are very thin and very high quality. In the vast majority of cases they will put the condom on you with their mouths, which is quite an experience if you haven’t had it before. They will then perform oral se.x for a varying amount of time. Some will suck you and work your nuts with their hands for quite a while; some will only give it a few mechanical up and down motions. A woman who worked at one shop in Baker street used to make me blow my load with her “magic mouth” (her words, not mine). She wasn’t very attractive, with an older worn face and big, badly installed bolt-on tits, so I didn’t mind. If other, hotter girls get me close to coming, I ask them to stop so we can have extra service (maybe full service). They never mind.

Next, the Asian massage girl will get on top of you and start riding your meat. If you want to go down on her, you’ll have to ask before that happens. A lot of guys don’t do this. Me being a total se.x fiend, always do if the girl is younger and hot. They usually appreciate it, especially when I give their tight little assholes a thorough licking. (Your mileage may vary, weigh your risks and rewards and take necessary precautions.) Fingering is usually not welcome.

Some girls will allow all kinds of roaming hands and kissing. Others are princess like and will not. Some treat their tits like prize possessions and will shy away from even nipple licking. Others will let you have at it. Go with the flow, even a “bad” experience is usually quite good!

If you don’t shoot your wad while she rides you, she will probably lay on her back for missionary. They are good at holding your body with their legs and arms in what feels like an embrace, but is really meant to keep you from fucking them too hard and deep. Being considerate and caring goes a long way here.

You will usually be given doggy style access only if you request it. If you do, you may be denied, though I rarely am. Just make sure you don’t go crazy and start pounding away. These girls are tight, even though they fuck a lot, and they don’t want to ruin the goods that they use to make a living. Again, be considerate.

After you shoot your last drop of cum, your girl will grab your cock by the base and pull you out. Then she’ll gently take off the condom and put a wet towel over your pulsating penis. Just lay there and relax. She’ll leave the room and come back with a warm wet towel to gently clean you off.

This will be followed by some small talk, and she’ll usually help you get dressed. Your mileage will vary here, even with the same girl. Sometimes they want to lie together and cuddle, sometimes they want to get you out the door as soon as possible. You may be thanked and offered a drink or candy by the mamasan on the way out. The nicer you are, the better your service will be in the future.

Depending on the massage agency you choosing, the experience and service of Asian massage may vary, find a nice massage parlour in London , not a “cheap” one. That is the final tip.

A list of Asian massage parlours in London

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