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All about the tantric massage

I am a trained professional Tantra massage provider. I have seen so many websites talking about the tantric massage and its benefits. Some articles online are not true and most of them misleading the readers.

The truth is: A Tantric massage is NOT like a regular message, and may or may not include massage of the entire body… that totally depends on the giver. One of the primary elements in Tantra massage is the “balancing of energies” through hands-on energy work done on the primary 7 Chakras.

tantric massage


A basic outline for Tantra massage is as follows:

1. Create a relaxing environment through a comfortable massage area, which can be a table or bed.

2. Enhance relaxation through the use of aroma therapy incense, candles, ambient music, and relaxation massage.

3. Provide breathing and meditation instruction to further enhance relaxation and facilitate the rest of the service.

4. Balance recipient energies by opening, clearing, balancing, and reactivating Chakra energies.

5. Trigger natural body chemical and enzyme releases through sensual and/or erotic stimulation.


The preparatory steps are very important PRIOR to any stimulating touch being done in more sensitive areas, and is essential for the healing portions of the service to work correctly. So the first part of the service is preparation for the stimulating part of the service, so that it will be the most effective for healing purposes. But not only does the preparation enhance healing properties of the massage, but also enhances the intensity of the stimulating part of the service. — a dual purpose for the preparation. Tantra massage, when done correctly, triggers the release of the recipient’s natural reserves of not only endorphins, but also natural reserves of oxytocin, DHEA, and serotonin (and some beneficial dormant enzymes)… all of which have been shown through clinical studies to raise immune system and pituitary function (which causes the pituitary gland to produce more hormones that regulate vital body organs — like it did when the recipient was younger.) The Energy and stimulation work act in tandem to produce the desired results, because having your energies balancing prior to stimulation helps the stimulation techniques to work better. Those recipients that are old enough to experience pituitary shrinkage will receive more health benefit from the massage service than their younger counterparts — who may only receive assistance in relieving stress and anxiety.

I don’t know where some website authors got his information about tantric massage, but it was severely incomplete in not offering up these aspects of Tantra massage.

A TRUE Tantric massage always includes relaxation AND the balancing of Chakra energies.

If someone claims that they perform Tantra massage, and they aren’t working on your Chakras, it is NOT true Tantra Massage… it is merely sensual or erotic massage.

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