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List of Sexy Asian massage in London 2017

korean massage girl in London

Updated 2017-08-09

At the request of many of my readers I’ve compiled a list of places to go for an erotic Asian Massage in London. I’m not in a position to personally recommend any of them but I am happy to pass on the information so that you can contact them yourselves. If you are interested in learning more about Asian Massage (or oriental massage, Japanese massage, Thai massage), click here.

Asian Models London – The name of this shop is quite fitting as everyone there has as close to model looks as you will ever find, anywhere in the country. The truth is that most women employed at Korean Massage parlors in London are attractive, but the girls at Asian Models seem to all be quite beautiful, more so than most. Check their website at www.asianmodelescort.co.uk or give them a ring: +44(0)777-660-8681

Jasmin Massage – This shop has also opened their doors in the city in the not so distant past. Although I haven’t yet been a patron, I do know they have quite a few good reviews. If the photos they’ve posted are accurate, the staff is pretty amazing in terms of their looks. Visit their website at www.jasminasianmassage.co.uk or call +44(0)7539888426.

Seventh Heaven – This shop can be found in Paddington and is another well-known Korean Massage parlor in the city. This is one place where you are sure to leave very satisfied. There are two gals there, Cindy and Vivian that you can’t take your eyes off of, they’re so beautiful. And the other girls at 7th heaven are pretty awesome as well. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the pics on their website: www.7thheavenasianmassage.com or give them a call at +44(0)7585-877-798 and see for yourself in person.

Butterfly Massage – The name might give the impression that this is another “Quickie Bar”, but that’s not the case with Butterfly. This Korean Massage shop is located in Marylebone and the girls on staff that I know of, Jenny and Yoyo are all you could ask for, simply immaculate and totally wonderful. Check out their website at gomassagelondon.co.uk or call them at +44(0)744-883-6016.

a massage girl in butterfly massage
a massage girl in butterfly massage

Cloud9 Massage – This Massage parlor is another well-established business that seems to be busy around the clock. Although Cloud9 doesn’t do anything to really stand out in a crowded field, there’s certainly nothing to complain about either. With so many choices in London, compared to much of the rest of the country, it’s not hard to blend in with everyone else. But Cloud9 does have a big advantage in that they have some absolutely beautiful women on staff, including Issie, who is simply luscious. They also have a very large staff, maybe twice the size of other shops, which means you have many great girls to choose from. Take a look at the pics on their website: www.londonnudemassage.com or give them a call at +44(0)7918-113-143 and see for yourself in person.

Passion Massage (Closed) – This Korean Massage parlor has been in business quite a long time and over the years it has built a good solid reputation. They must be doing something right and from what I know, they have some very hot girls working there. Visit their website at londonpassionmassage.co.uk or ring them up at +44(0)7851-715-901. (Closed)

Steamy Asian  – This mobile massage company has been in business for a while now and has built a reputation for offering quality services on a consistent basis. The staff must be happy, as there seems to be very little turnover, however they do have a couple of new additions, Hama and Amber, two very pretty girls. Call +44(0)7749 170 333 to contact or check web at www.steamyasianmassage.co.uk.

Geisha – This is a very dependable shop with a fairly large staff. We all have our favorites and this one apparently is right up there with the best since it seems to make it on most of the lists. Check their website at www.asiansexmodel.co.uk or call them at 07518-409-462.

Sakura – This is the latest Korean Massage shop to open in London, as far as I know. It just opened a couple of months ago in west end area and the staff is comprised of one very attractive woman that I know of, who has had a lot of experience doing Korean Massage in other shops in the city.   See their website at www.sakuraasianmassage.co.uk or call them up at +44(0)7552-068-870.

Asian VIP Massage – This is not a shop I’ve been to, but I do know it has some really good reviews from those who frequent it. It’s certainly worth a try. Check their website at www.vipasianmassage.com or call them at +44(0)7468-689-244.
Well this is all for now. I think I’ve got them all listed, but if not and you know of more, just leave the information below in comments or contact us.

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  1. Awesome resource, thanks LMB

  2. Great list! Any resources for someone looking for high quality nuru massage and full service?

    • Most of the parlors listed here have nuru massage in their menu, however based on my experience, not all parlors have real nuru gel, so better ask the massage parlor owner by phone first.

  3. Thanks for this useful information!

  4. Have used the Butterfly for several times, they are good, however, their girls come and go, you may have the best Asian massage girl only if you are lucky enough. (Name Yoyo, I met her 2 times)

  5. Thanks for the update

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