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7 Kinds Of non-erotic Massage Techniques & Benefits To The Body

7 massage skills in London (non erotic)

The majority of people know there are all kinds of massages they can get, and that the benefits they get from those massages will differ. When a person decides to get a massage, they may have an idea of what massage they want. However, it’s best to talk to the massage therapist first. During this talk, they’ll ask you about what you’re looking to benefit from the massage. From there, they can determine what massage is actually better for you.

The Anti-Cellulite Massage

This kind of massage is geared toward kneading the cellulite-filled locations – think thighs. The therapist will use various twisting movements and their knuckles to really massage the area. This massage is great for people who have cellulite and have a hard time working out.

The Deep Tissue Massage

With the deep tissue massage, the touch is extremely intense, with the therapist using their forearms, elbows and knuckles to knead into the muscles. This is ideal for people who work out intensively or play sports. However, people who sit at a computer for an excessive period of time can also benefit.

The Pregnancy Massage

When it comes to this type of massage, the touch is quite gentle. It’s generally done while lying down on your side or when sat down. It’s never carried out before you hit your second trimester (12 weeks). The message is tailored to the client, based on their needs. However, it’s generally good for helping with water retention and low back pain.

The Reflexology Massage

This massage will address points on your feet, hands and head to stimulate action in other parts of your body. This intensity of this massage differs, as it is based on the issues at hand. This massage is wonderful for any area of the body. It’s useful in alleviating stress and anxiety and can be ideal for fertility problems.

The Sports Massage

This touch style of this massage often varies but has plenty of movement. The limbs are pulled up and own to stretch the muscles out and allow oxygen to flow where it needs to go. This massage is useful for people who regularly play sports, as it helps alleviate any muscle cramps.

The Swedish Massage

During the Swedish massage, the therapist will use kneading movements, which can be either gentle or deep based on what your preferences is. This type of massage is about stretching the muscles out, but the intensity can be tailored to fit your needs. Why is it so worthwhile? It helps with relaxation, and is ideal for people who suffer with stress or anxiety.

The Thai Massage

This kind of massage includes the therapist using their feet, hands, knees and legs to give you a massage. It also uses acupressure and can be used in conjunction with oil. Or, you can be completely clothed and lie on a floor mat. Why is the Thai massage so beneficial? It can help alleviate your stress levels, while also giving you additional energy, and better flexibility and circulation.

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