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5 Amazingly Memorable Worldwide Massages You Should Experience For Yourself

As we traveled throughout Asia, we decided to get our first massage ever in India. It’s called the Ayurvedic Massage and it was used in conjunction with therapeutic oils. Of course, there have been on other memorable massages during our travels – something we can’t easily afford at home. Some experiences have been amazing; others have been subpar.

The 5 Best Massages You Can Experience When Traveling The World

Reflexology – Penang Malaysia

Malaysia massage

With this massage, we got a foot therapy massage to tend to the pain in our feet – something needed after four months of travel. The foot therapy massage we got wasn’t the “I need a pamper me” therapy session. Instead, powerfully strong hands pushed on the pressure points, continuing it until they felt ready to stop.

The masseuse continued to prod the feet while we grimaced and flinched from the pain. He let us know what was causing the pain, and he was right. Despite the pain, the massage was one we’ll remember. And, its cost was just $20.

Back Bending Massage – Laos

laos massage

Many people told us we needed to get a massage in Laos, so we did. We had a side-by-side massage in a room that used curtains to section it off and mats everywhere. The guys who did our massage twisted and turned our bodies in every direction, sitting on top of us, pulling at our arms, lifting us backwards and more. The experience was a bit scary but we lived through it.

Beach Massage – Vietnam

beach massage

We decided to get a massage while in Vietnam after being sick for a week and two women asked if we’d like one. These ladies weren’t very big but the power they had was amazing. They pressed hard on our muscles until we were felt black and blue… and literally became that way. And, if you’re a man, you’re liable to get it worse, as they pushed harder on men.

The cost was $10.

Heaven-Like Massage – Ethiopia

Ethiopia massage

After two months of biking, our muscles were screaming at us to give them some love. We decided to take advantage of the spa from the hotel resort we were staying in. A massage was a necessity for our sore muscles. We were put into separate rooms and got individual attention. The spa was similar to a hospital setting… very sanitary.

The massage was wonderful with the right amounts of pressure being applied to the knots – no potential for being black and blue here. Once the massage was over, we use the Jacuzzi and steam room that they filled for us alone. After a cold shower, we got into the steam room and stayed for at least two hours. It was greatly needed!

Tranquil Massage – Bali

bali massage

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Bali was Ubud, which is where we decided to get a massage. When getting to the office, we were placed in a room with two tables close to each other. We were told to strip, which we did to our birthday suits. We weren’t sure how much; but, since they didn’t say anything about it, we assumed it was oaky.

The massage was extremely professional, covering us with towels and working on each section of our bodies at a time. After the one-hour massage, we were taken to a floral bath and stay in it until the water was cold and our extremities had pruned.

Most massages we had were wonderful and certainly memorable, so did you ever have a massage you felt was out of this world and one you knew you’d never forget?

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