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Give a sensual massage to your partner: A complete guide

When it comes to sensual massage, we always recommend that you should enjoy an authentic sensual massage by REAL masseurs/masseuses because it is a REALLY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE. But it is also a wonderful choice if you can enjoy this pleasure with your partner which will surely boost your relationship…

sexy girl sensual massage
Sensual massage: Keep the Fire Burning….

Today we are glad to welcome a professional massage goddess Cindy (from 7th Heaven) to introduce her secret of sensual massages:

How To Complete a Sensual Massage

When you put your attention on the erogenous zones of your partner, you’re giving them what’s known as a sensual massage. This kind of massage brings them stress relief and boosts the intimacy connection between the person giving the massage and the person getting it.

Understanding The Premise Behind A Sensual Massage

When it comes to the idea behind sensual massages, it’s not to have an orgasm. In actuality, it’s about bringing your life something highly personal and calming experience. It enables both parties to attain pleasure without any type of performance pressure and bringing in a new sense of intimacy. This kind of massage, whether you’re the giver or the receiver, is a wonderful way to create and/or keep the bond between partners.

It’s important though that communication between the two is had. This is to make sure that the intimacy level is comfortable for both of them. With communication and comfortableness, you can attain the benefits that come from the sensual massage.

Make sure you have the basic massage techniques down before you do the more intricate ones. One basic massage technique is to correctly set the mood.


How To Start The Massage Process

Make sure you include the erogenous zones with the basic massage techniques. While doing this, you want to ensure your partner is comfortable at every stage. If they’re uncomfortable at any point, go back to a basic massage.

give your partner a sensual massage will boost your relationship for sure....
an exciting sensual massage will boost your relationship for sure….
  • Be sure to look your partner’s verbal and non-verbal feedback. This will let you to put attention on the areas that are giving them the most pleasure.
  • If you want to get really creative with the massage, do a full-body sensual massage. You do this by using your body to massage against theirs. You can also use your mouth and tongue to heighten the experience.
  • You can always add some type of lubrication, or use some type of sex toy to increase their pleasure.

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Sensual Massage for Momen: How To Give Your girlfriend / Wife a Sensual Massage

If your partner is female, here is what you need to do to ensure she is feeling comfortable and relaxed during her massage.

  • Have her lay down, face down or up. Either position will give you access to the various sensitive regions of her body. Start her experience by massaging her arms, chest and hands. In a light manner, stroke the nipples and breasts. If on her stomach, gently but firmly massage her butt using a circular motion.
  • Slowly move your hands down her body, stroking gently the regions around her privates. The idea is to build up the anticipation. Once the arousal has been established, start the genital massage.
  • Make sure that you caress the genitalia, not just touch it. You want to give her the most pleasure possible.
  • If she’s not producing a generous amount of lubrication, you’ll need to apply some. This is especially important if you’re massaging her clitoris.
  • Use one hand to rub the vulva up and down gently while using the other to rub her body. Place a gentle amount of pressure on her labial lips with your fingers.
  • Once lubrication is secreted, make sure to add in some clitoral stimulation. Use a light touch, increasing the pressure as she gets more aroused. Use your forefinger and index to rub her clitoris lightly.

Special Note: Bear in mind that some females don’t like the clitoral stimulation more than others. If you see that this isn’t doing anything for her, you’ll need to find some other kind of internal massage. And, if you can’t find the clitoris, be sure you ask her to assist you. Since there are an array of shapes and sizes, you may have a difficulty finding it.

  • Be sure you continue giving attention to the clitoris, using both the figure eight and circular motions. Use a steady rhythm, lightly putting more pressure on the area.
  • Once she has an orgasm, be sure you give the clitoris a break as it’ll be extremely sensitive for a time.
  • Once fully aroused, go ahead and explore the inner regions of her body. Remember, penetration before arousal is painful. Make sure to point your finger upwards toward her pubic bone, in an effort to find the G-spot. Use the “come here” motion to stimulate it.
  • While doing this, you can still stimulate her clitoris using the other hand.
  • Use your finger to stroke the vaginal walls. Moving your finger in and out of the canal won’t do it for her.
  • Once you’re done (and so is she), let her feel relaxed and at peace. She may even go to sleep in your arms.
enjoy a nice sensual massage with your partner
enjoy a nice sensual massage with your partner

Sensual Massage for Men: How To Give Your boyfriend / Husband a Sensual Massage

  • Make sure your partner is sitting back in a slightly reclined position, using pillows for support – either behind his head or back.
  • Place lubricant in your hands, gently rubbing it onto his testicles and penis.
  • Have a signal that your partner can use to change or slow down the technique before he ejaculates. This will ensure the massage’s time is lengthened. This also ensures your partner has a more relaxed experience.
  • Make sure your partner is breathing deeply, enabling him to stave off the moment of climax. Make sure he breathes deep into his stomach and relaxes and sighs on the exhale.


Special Note: An extremely common response is your partner’s penis to go soft. This is actually quite normal of the experience.

  • Make sure you use the gentle fingertip touching technique during the massage. You want to lightly massage the scrotum and testicles.
  • You’ll need to massage the area above the penis as well as the perineum (area between the anus and testicles).
  • Massage the shaft, changing up the massage speed and pressure. Squeeze the base of the penis with just one hand, lifting your hand up and off. Alternate your hands, repeating the motion several times. You can reverse the strokes’ direction, starting at the top of the penis, sliding downward.
  • Use gentle twisting motions to massage the shaft and head.
  • Massage the region of the male prostate, searching for the small indent of the perineum. Lightly move your fingers over the region in the back and forth motion until the area is softened up. If he is anywhere near ejaculation, the spot is going to give him an orgasm.
  • With the massage coming to a close, be sure you focus on two or three strokes that he likes. Lightly remove your hands, giving him time to rest for a minimum of 10 minutes.

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