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Prostate Massage could be Emotional

the prostate massage

FAQ: I am told that when a guy has a prostate massage, or a tantric massage, it can be so emotional for him that it causes him to cry. Is that true, and if so, how does the masseuse giving the massage deal with this situation? Yes, it could happen as well as many other reactions and the reason is because …

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A list of Asian massage in London City 2017

korean massage girl in London

At the request of many of my readers I’ve compiled a list of places to go for an erotic Asian Massage in London City. I’m not in a position to personally recommend any of them but I am happy to pass on the information so that you can contact them yourselves. If you are interested in learning more about Asian Massage (or …

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Female Sexual Energy

tantra massage the old way

We are used to thinking of the sexual body as mainly just sex organs and erogenous zones. These days we are very informed on how those areas need to be stimulated and what gets us off. We may also add hormonal influences, sexy psychology and “the biggest sex organ of all” – the brain full of images and desires. We …

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Taoist massage & practice for Sexual Healing

the taoist massage

Another great civilisation that brings us a wealth of knowledge on energetic reality of sex is the Chinese. The Chinese Taoists have explored the human bioenergy system perhaps better than anyone else. They have mapped the exact routes of bio-energy in the human body and reached far into explaining how our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing interact in that energy …

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What is Gay Massage?

gay massage therapy in London

Massage is an ancient healing art: Chinese records document its use for at least 3,000 years ; ancient Hindus, Persians and Egyptians prescribed forms of massage for many ailments; and even Hippocrates wrote papers recommending the use of rubbing and friction, accurate descriptions of modern massage techniques, for joint and circulatory problems. London Massage therapy offers results both obvious and …

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8 Best Spas and Massage Treatment Centers In London

four season spa

Ancient Greeks spent their time rejuvenating in hot springs loaded with minerals. Times have changed since that time, and now there are a plethora of treatments that people can take advantage of. There’s so many that it can be a bit overwhelming, especially in the London area. There are many worthwhile and effective treatments that you can take advantage of …

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Why People Are Afraid Of Getting A Massage

get a massage

When it comes to a massage, there is a host of benefits to experiencing one. One of the biggest benefits is the relaxation you feel. It also helps to relieve stress and anxiety. A massage will alleviate chronic pain, reduce muscle knots and ensure blood circulates freely through the body. It’s also been tied to helping cancer patients to reduce …

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The Six Best Outcall Adult Massage Agencies in London

the best outcall massage services in London, UK

Have you ever experience a sensual massage service in comfort of your hotel or home? Today, We invite you to explore the most sensual and Erotic Massage Services avaialble for outcall in London and greater London area. What is outcall massage? Outcall massage means your massage therapist “outcall” to you and provide the session in your place. Imagine you are …

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11 Kinds Of Thai Yoga Massage Poses

Thai massage bridge pose

The Thai massage – also known as Thai yoga massage – is where a therapist will use their hands, legs, knees and feet to move your body into various yoga-like poses/stretches. People who do the Thai massage claim they’re doing yoga without the work. In a Thai massage, acupressure, muscle compression and joint mobilization are used. What are the 11 …

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10 Tips before you get an Erotic Massage

happy ending massage

I have heard lots of massage providers complained about their clients for many things: away late for appointment, disrespect, Ask too many personal questions, talking to phone during a session, etc. And I always wanted to write something for my reader and massage lovers, to give them a hint of how to be a ‘good client’.  Yes, being a good sensual massage client is …

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