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Try Savasana When Your Enjoy Erotic Massage


In Hatha Yoga, Savasana seems to be ridiculously simple but could actually be one of the most difficult asana for many due to the complete stillness required.

The participant lies flat on his back keeping his limbs straight. Bringing his heels together and with his arms almost touching the sides of his body with the palms upward toward the ceiling, and with his eyes open fixed on one point on the ceiling and concentrating on his breathing, he will relax his whole body as one unit.

The breathing should be through the nose and from chest to abdomen.

Why stillness, why the eyes open?

Man Savasana

Many of us will have a natural tendency to close our eyes when we want to relax and this is exactly what we do when we go for a massage. But by doing that our mind is losing contact with the present moment, and it is very easy for us to lose track of reality and even get to a state of unconscious where reality and fantasy, conscious and unconscious, will be mixed and confuse our perception of reality – exactly what happens in our sleep.

By keeping the eyes open and focused, we maintain our presence and keep in contact with the present moment. We are awake, with total experience of reality.

Our mind has its own agenda and many times it is a way for the ego to keep control and a way to prevent our conscious mind from taking control of the present moment. How many times did you try to read a book or concentrate on something only to start a conversation in your mind about something completely irrelevant? Usually this conversation has to do with something from the past or something from the future, something you need to buy, some place you need to go? Something that happens to you? This is our ego taking control of the situation. This is why stillness is important. When we are still and focused we are in our centre, and once we are present, all those conversations slowly start to vanish, because the only important thing is the now, the only moment when we have control and full power is the NOW!

Savasana helps us to restore that power and keep in our centre.

Next time you get an erotic massage, try to practice Savasana and you will see how the experience will be totally different if you did not before, because you will feel every stroke, every movement, because you will be present.


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