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Secret of get a Nice looking butt

There are only 4 steps to get a nice looking butt:

1. 20 Full Squats
Start with your legs hips distance apart
Squat until your legs are at 90%
Don’t forgot to keep your chest up and your back must flat.

2. 20 Toe Taps
Lay on the ground
Bring your legs to a talbel top position
Activate your core by pulling your AB Muscles towards your spine.
Tap the right heel to the follor, then the left

3. 10 Kick backs
Come onto All fours
kick your left foot back and up
Make sure to keep your hips level
Switch to the other side

4. 30 secound squat hold
Go back to a Squat posation hold for 30 seconds.

Keep practice for 1 month, and you will see the miracle is happening…


nice looking butt

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