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Prostate Massage could be Emotional

FAQ: I am told that when a guy has a prostate massage, or a tantric massage, it can be so emotional for him that it causes him to cry. Is that true, and if so, how does the masseuse giving the massage deal with this situation?

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Yes, it could happen as well as many other reactions and the reason is because in general any holistic massage deals with any possible blocks that exist, a huge percentage of which are emotional, due to the prostate massage is at the end of the session emotional reactions are expected. So A prostate massage could be a explosive experience…

By ‘holistic’ we mean any treatment we receive when the practitioner will treat us as a full unit, a full being, which is on all three levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. For example, a sports massage will treat the body only on a physical level, whereas Sensual, Erotic, Tao or Tantric massage between others should be considered to be Holistic massage, though of course Sensual and Erotic are less deep than Tantric or Tao because they are more focused on a physical level.

The Prostate – male G-spot is linked to the secretion of semen in the body, and it can yield an orgasm when it is massaged with the right way.

During a Tantric or Tao massage session, both offered at Eros London Sensual Massage, I work with the chakras, which are the energetic centres of the body. Sometimes there is an imbalance in these energetic centres which means that not all the chakras are working at the same level. This happens for many different reasons but the most common one is that one of the chakras is blocked provoking a general imbalance in the other chakras; some will be overactive and others underactive. The first thing I do is to clean your system from these blocks and reactions are to be expected, and depending on the type of block these reactions could be different and of course one could be to cry.

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To be specific about the prostate massage, these emotional blocks are keeping us detached from our emotions, our feelings and of course our physical sensibility. Once the chakras are clean and free of blocks, which is the first part to be taken care of during a Tantric or Tao massage session, prostate massage can then take place.

Prostate massage is the manipulation of the prostate which is a very sensitive area of our body and is where many will say, me included, we can locate the male ‘G-spot’. So first we have an area which usually is not reached, and second our body has been cleaned from blocks so is more sensitive and emotions are fighting to come up to the surface so we can deal with them or get rid of them if they are not useful for us anymore. So we should expect emotional reactions during the prostate massage such as sadness, emptiness, etc, and crying is a way for our body to deal with this. Another reason for crying is joy when we are connecting our sexual energy with all our Chakras and we are bringing our orgasm to an spiritual level which is part of the awakening of the kundalini, we experience a crazy mix of emotions all together at the same time. It is very difficult to describe because for each one of us it is different, but you could feel all the emptiness and the fullness at the same time, our mind is present and aware of everything happening in our body at the same time that is connecting us with our inner-self, things are leaving and coming to us at the same time, connecting and disconnecting our mind from the present with images from our past, experiences, dreams and yes, we cry, it is a cry of joy, a cry of happiness.

How do we masseuses deal with this? By doing nothing at all. This is happening because it must happen therefore we should allow it to happen. As a masseuse I just remain present with you and giving you the support you need during a prostate massage session or any other so you can let it happen without being afraid of it. Once everything is gone, this is when we do something by answering questions, giving you the information each of you could need in order to help you understand and use it for your benefit.

As a tantric massage practitioner I only can do my best to understand and identify what is happening to your unconscious, how this is affecting your conscious and the consequences it is bringing to your body and life. I easily could but I should not provoke the reactions and nor should I stop these from happening. All that I can do for your benefit is to help you feel nurture for someone who is holding you during the process and explain it to you. Tantric masseuses we are simple mediators, our job is to negotiate with your unconscious to let go what is not useful for you any more and help you to do it without pain or major consequences. Crying as many other things is a sign that is happening.

About the Author: Anna, Massage Goddess from Eros Massage London

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