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Does anal sex save when meet escort in London?

does anal sex save in London escort?

Shock! We are all different! We look different, we have different tastes and we have different likes and dislikes. It is a fact of life. Yet, despite embracing the fact we are all different, some of us are still guilty of behaving like we expect everyone else to have the same tastes as us. There is one area where there …

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Prostate Massage could be Emotional

the prostate massage

FAQ: I am told that when a guy has a prostate massage, or a tantric massage, it can be so emotional for him that it causes him to cry. Is that true, and if so, how does the masseuse giving the massage deal with this situation? Yes, it could happen as well as many other reactions and the reason is because …

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Try Savasana When Your Enjoy Erotic Massage

  In Hatha Yoga, Savasana seems to be ridiculously simple but could actually be one of the most difficult asana for many due to the complete stillness required. The participant lies flat on his back keeping his limbs straight. Bringing his heels together and with his arms almost touching the sides of his body with the palms upward toward the …

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Female Sexual Energy

tantra massage the old way

We are used to thinking of the sexual body as mainly just sex organs and erogenous zones. These days we are very informed on how those areas need to be stimulated and what gets us off. We may also add hormonal influences, sexy psychology and “the biggest sex organ of all” – the brain full of images and desires. We …

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Taoist massage & practice for Sexual Healing

the taoist massage

Another great civilisation that brings us a wealth of knowledge on energetic reality of sex is the Chinese. The Chinese Taoists have explored the human bioenergy system perhaps better than anyone else. They have mapped the exact routes of bio-energy in the human body and reached far into explaining how our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing interact in that energy …

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7 Reasons You’re geting Headache and How To Deal With Them

7 tips to deal with headache

Are You A Headache Sufferer? Nowadays, it seems nobody could escape from the suffer of headache, so how to deal with headache? Here is 7  main reasons You’re Experiencing headache and How To Deal With Them 7 Key Reasons You Suffer With A Headache You’re Not Hydrated Enough Based on information from American research, mild dehydration is still a culprit in your headache problem. …

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6 Important Reasons You Need To Consider Getting A Full-Body Massage

reason to have a full body massage

While every massage you get can make you feel wonderful – the benefits they provide are just amazing. It’s a full-body massage that offers benefits you can’t get anywhere else. Why should you consider a full-body massage? 6 Key Reasons You Need A Full-Body Massage It Can Deal With Your Problem Spots • According to Ester, a massage therapist, a …

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Give a sensual massage to your partner: A complete guide

give your partner a sensual massage will boost your relationship for sure....

When it comes to sensual massage, we always recommend that you should enjoy an authentic sensual massage by REAL masseurs/masseuses because it is a REALLY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE. But it is also a wonderful choice if you can enjoy this pleasure with your partner which will surely boost your relationship… Today we are glad to welcome a professional massage goddess Cindy (from 7th Heaven) to introduce her …

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Erotic Massage for release stress

tantric massage to release stress

Stress release is an expression frequently used in adult massage to define the type of relaxation. It is actually a euphemism for orgasm when it is used in the adult massage industry. Stress is something that almost everyone can relate to, but this is particularly true for business executives who may have high-pressured jobs. No matter what the cause of …

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Tantra – The Appreciation Ritual

may peace in your mind

Tantra is not only about sexual pleasure, tantric massage, worship etc. It is also about the spirit & mind.  As a special tantric gift, we invite you to use the attached Appreciation Ritual to strengthen your relationship. The Appreciation Ritual This is a short, simple, but very moving ritual to strengthen and affirm a relationship. Each partner prepares for the …

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