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Problems that may happen when you meet a London Escort

In this section I go over some different problems that you can run into when calling out escorts. I’ll discuss why you don’t have to worry about stings if you’re calling out a girl to your hotel or house. I’ll talk about drivers and why specials are usually not very special. I’ll explain how vice works and what has been my experience with police officers.

• You don’t have to worry about stings in your room

It really makes me laugh when you guys ask these girls if they’re a police officer.
First of all, if the girl was a cop, she would lie to you about it. Police lie. There’s some belief out there that if you ask an undercover cop if he or she is a cop they have to tell you… that’s complete bullshit… could you imagine asking an undercover cop if they were a cop and they said, “damn, you got me…ok, you can go now.” That conversation is just never going to happen.
Secondly, and much more importantly, a police officer is not going to come to your room disguised as an escort. Repeat, a police officer is not going to come to your room disguised as an escort.
Here’s why: the police have to
a) always control the situation and
b) they need to do things in a certain way so the prosecutor can get a conviction. Police basically do two types of stings.
The first and most prevalent type is to arrest the escorts. They do this by getting two adjoining hotel rooms. They have recording devices in the rooms with undercover cops and other cops in the room next door. The undercover cops HAVE to get the escort to say certain things to charge them with prostitution. (This is why girls are so careful about what they say before they know that the client isn’t a police officer) this is a very coordinated and SAFE environment for the police.
The police DO NOT do stings where they pretend they’re a girl. They will not go to a hotel room where they do not have control over the situation. It’s not safe for them; they just don’t do it. Could you imagine the police traveling all over the city to different hotel room, it doesn’t happen. This also goes for homes and any other place you call a girl to.
If you’re concerned about a sting, calling out a girl is by far the safest way, regarding police, to enjoy the company of an escort worry free.
The second way police do stings, and the way you have to worry about, is on the streets. They do this because they can control the situation and it’s easy for them to get the incriminating conversation with a bug on the undercover cop. After you incriminate yourself, they will either pull you over with a couple of cop cars or coax you to a hotel room that THE POLICE control. Picking up a girl on the street is less expensive then calling them out, but you run the risk of getting arrested.

• Assume there is a driver
Have you ever heard, “she comes alone, there is no driver.” Don’t believe it. The phone operators lie about drivers because they’ve earned a bad name. Bad agencies, some bad girls and bad drivers themselves are responsible for this.
You have to realize that you’re calling a girl and going to a stranger’s house in the middle of the night is not the safest thing in the world. These girls want to know that they are safe and they don’t know you from a hole in the wall. If they take a driver with them, they feel safer.
And as long as you’re a nice guy and cautious about whom you call out, there should be no problem. In fact, you should want the girl to have a driver if, for no other reason, it makes her more comfortable.
The best thing to do is not to waste your time asking if there’s a driver because you’re just going to make the phone operator lie to you.

• A word about vice and stings
This information is just for you to know, it shouldn’t be anything you have to worry about unless you’re looking for street workers or going to in call locations.
Most prostitute stings are run by the vice department of bigger cities. A lot of smaller cities don’t even have vice and don’t do stings.
The funny thing about prostitution stings is that the police officers seem to have fun doing these. They’re relatively safe (unlike drug stings) and I think they like going through some of the ads. They’re usually men and I think they get off on doing these stings (some literally, although those charges were dropped because of police misconduct).
Vice has to get the girls to agree to a sexual act in order to bust her for prostitution. Police, like anyone else, would like to make their job easy so they usually call girls out that advertise on the internet on sites that allow any type of text. There are not so bright girls that will advertise on sites like Craig’s list and incriminate themselves in the text of their ad. Vice loves these girls because all they have to do is print out the ad and call the girl out. Once the girl arives they just arrest her because they already have the evidence (the ad).
So, if you wonder why a lot of girls don’t say a lot on the phone or in their ads, the reason is because they don’t want to incriminate themselves before they know that they are not dealing with a police officer.

• Beware of ‘specials’
I can’t talk enough about specials… let me tell you what’s coming to your door when you call on a special.
The first and best option is a girl that will honor the special, but she’s going to have a mustache, or she’ll be old as your grandmother, or she’ll come with some extra surprises that you won’t find out about until you get the test results back from your doctor.
The second thing that might happen is that you get a decent girl to your door and she takes the money, and she and her driver rob you.
The third option is that you get a decent girl to your door and then you get the £100 special with the £500 up sell before she does anything and if you don’t pay, she walks out with your £100… sounds real special, huh???
In this business, much more than any other business, if it sounds too good to be true…IT IS!

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