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Managing emotions when dating Escort

control your emtion when dating perfect escort...

This article answer an old and simple question…that many punters have asked many times…please read on…

When meeting with a beautiful lady, particularly if it is on a regular basis, a myriad of emotions are involved. Recently during a long chat with a lady I know well, the subject of managing one’s emotions came up.

This lady friend said she had often wondered what stopped a Punter from failing for a lady he sees and she wanted my views on it.

Thinking about it long and hard, my initial reaction was of course some guys do fall for a lady and sometimes it was mutual. Indeed, some ladies fall for their clients too.

However, I opined most guys know how the scene works and do not go into it looking for anything other than a professional relationship. Whilst these gents behave with total probity, there are some who do get confused with the difference between seeing an Escort and dating.

By way of imputation, I reaffirmed what this friend of mine already knew well. Namely, I have always been totally clear in my own mind as to what I have sought as a Punter, which is to meet a few elite and professional ladies and to share experiences with them with no strings attached. With no exceptions.

Whilst a couple of ladies have become close friends, this is their choice and it is a mutual respect we share for each other, but we maintain the professional basis of our relationship and none of us would contemplate it under any other circumstances.

It does take a certain emotional maturity to be able to share deeply intimate and intense moments with a lady, to be able to openly discuss deeply personal issues both ways, but to still be able to recognise the proper nature of the relationship and to always keep it professional.

“But we got on so well!”

sexy escort lady always attractive...I often hear stories from ladies where guys see a lady a few times, sometimes as little as once, and then assume the lady would be bowled over and keen to go on a date.

Short of killing the chance of meeting the lady ever again, I am not sure what the guys expect! It is a professional arrangement and one of many meetings a lady conducts, so why does the guy think it is different in his case?

Sure, one may have had a good time, but a good, professional lady will enjoy such experiences with many, if not the majority of her clients, so there is a certain naivety if they think they will be different.

God’s gift

As for those who think they are God’s gift to women, I hate to sound dismissive, but, again, ladies regale stories of such guys on a regular basis, so I am afraid, an experienced lady will have seen it all before and quite possibly better too!

As I said, emotional maturity is the key.

Different for girls?

When my friend asked me how Punters avoid falling for a lady, I simply asked her in return how a lady avoids forming an unhealthy emotional attachment to a client.

The lady said it is down to compartmentalising her life and how she looks on her work. Of course she respects her clients and like we had become friends, it is recognising it is her work and the meeting is a professional one.

If the envelope of cash at the outset of the meeting is removed, then it ceases to be professional and becomes something else altogether. However, I doubt many ladies would put themselves in this position and jeopardise their livelihood.

Indeed, discussing this issue with another lady I know, she told me she has some clients she has known from when she first started more than ten years ago. They regard each other as friends and chat and email between meetings. However, come the meeting, it is still conducted in the normal way and payment is made for the lady’s time.

Apple of the lady’s eye

Another consideration for Punters is that many Escorts have existing partners and husbands, so they are quite simply not interested on any level, other than the business side of it.

Meeting a lady does not require a Punter to be emotionally cold and totally dispassionate towards the lady. One can be one’s self and be totally open. However, there has to be a line in one’s mind which is clear and unambiguous. A meeting is a business arrangement and one is paying for the lady’s time and in return one creates experiences.

Whatever emotions are involved in the actual meeting process, one needs to be totally in control of one’s own feelings and expectations. As long as one continues to view it as a professional meeting then it is a very easy to manage one’s emotions.

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  1. There is a very simple explanation to all of this. Escorts don’t fall for clients because they never get the chance to. An escort is in the permanent “mindset” that she will do the intimate act with whoever walks through the door, as long as he is a reasonable gentleman (!). Because she does this, she never had the TIME to “want” the client because he never had the time to make her interested in him. Its all over too quickly, usually the standard booking is an hour. Women normally fall in love because of the feeling of the longing or the “chase” for the man. They need time for this. How could they want a man they just had sex with within 5 mins of meeting them? Same goes for men.

    So, even though escorts and clients might meet regularily and might genuinely like each other, because they were intimate from the beginning of meeting each other, the “desire” for anything more was gone after that. Continuous meetings don’t make up for this.

    It is nothing to do with maturity or managing emotions, we cannot control who we fall in love with, we only know when we do and usually then it is too late to do anything about it! We will then either be blissfully happy or in pain if it is not felt by the other. Escorts and clients usually don’t have this problem because any “WANT” for the other person was taken away in the beginning because they both had intimate relations too quickly. Both men and women need the “chase” to fall in love. They are not really so different.

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