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About London Escort Agencies and Independent escorts and Incall

This section London Massage book will about the differences between Escort agencies and independent escort girls. I also talk a little about in call locations and why they can be dangerous.

• Escort Agencies are more dependable

If you find a good agency you should probably stay with them, or at least keep their number. Agencies tend to be much more dependable then independent girls.
The good ones are usually run like businesses. They have schedules so all the shifts are covered. When you call during business hours someone will always answer the phone. They usually have rules in place so the girls get to the calls within a reasonable time. The girls will at least try to be nice to the clients because they know that agencies, for the most part, like repeat customers.
The downfall to good agencies is that they usually cost more money. This is because they have more people to split the money with. They have to pay phone operators, and they have to pay for ads that cost more. Independents don’t have to run as many ads.
If they use a driver, they have to pay him, and there has to be a little left over for profit. The girls that work for agencies pretty much always work for tips.
So, generally, agencies are much more dependable then independent escorts.

• Independent girls are less expensive

Independent girls are generally less expensive. They don’t have to share their money with as many people and they don’t spend the amount on advertising that agencies do.
Independent girls usually only have to pay drivers, and for limited advertising.
The problem with independent girls is that they have no “oversight”… I mean they work when they want and, a lot of time they don’t answer the phone. They are usually a little more lazy then agency girls because they don’t have a boss making sure that they’re on time or even going to the calls.
It’s very common to call out an independent and wait a long time for her to show up, if at all. Since they answer their own phones, they often miss calls when they are in a call… and when they’re in a call with you, you are often interrupted by the constant ringing of their phone.
All that being said, if you find a good independent escort (there are some dependable ones out their) then you should probably keep her number and treat her well because you will end up spending less by calling her out on a regular basis.

• In calls Escort can be dangerous

In call locations are closed down by the police most often. They’re really easy targets. They’re right out in the open begging for trouble.
When elected officials want to make names for themselves before an election they often raid in call locations and invite the press along… it’s funny, they also know sex sells and use it for their advantage.
That being said, the best advice I can give about in call locations is if you’re visiting a city, stay away from in call unless you’re very familiar with the city. The reason for this is because stings are real easy to set up under the ruse of an in call. The police will get a location and put ads in the paper like any other in call. Then they just sit and wait for you to come in, they get you to say something incriminating, then reward you with a night in jail.
If you live in a city or often travel to a city and know the adult industry well there, then in calls are generally ok. The only thing you have to worry about is getting caught at one when the police decide to do a raid… the chances of that are pretty slim.
In calls generally are not places where you’re going to get ripped off. In calls, unlike outcall escorts, have to make sure they don’t get a bad reputation because their business relies heavily on local clientele. Out call escorts just need to do a lot of advertising and get a lot of numbers. In call places can’t do that because you wouldn’t go back to a place that ripped you off, but you might not know you’re calling the same out call escort that ripped you off.
In calls are good if you’re very familiar with the area and they have good reviews. Otherwise, they could be dangerous and I would stay away from them unless you are a brave soul.

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