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12 Escorting Terms Explained

Booking an escort is easy in London, but you might need to know some special London escorting terms before you make an appointment like a real punter. Here we invited Carmen, an independent escort in London to give our reader some explanation of those special terms.
12 London Escorting Terms Explained

Look all over the world and there’ll be a different slang term for almost anything. Sex is particular has a vast vocabulary all its own. One thing I’ve found though is that in the escorting business there’s a language of acronyms. These are easily understood all over the world if you know the language but confusing if you’re new to the territory.

Although I differentiate myself from escorts I worked for agencies before and know the industry well. I use the term GFE quite a lot on my own website, it’s also a fairly commonly known term outside of industry experts 😉 so I should think most of you know what it means. For those who don’t it stands for Girlfriend Experience. I’ve also blogged before about what the girlfriend means and my own decisions when it came to PSE (Porn Star Experience) vs GFE. So, I thought it would be interesting to give a little insight in to 12 other escorting terms you might have come across but weren’t quite sure what they were:

  • ASP: adult service provider
  • MSOG: multiple shots on goal. A great football enthusiast’s term for a session with an escort/ASP that doesn’t end upon ejaculation. May be used in conjunction with the term ‘attempts’ i.e. attempts at the goal.
  • Hobbyist: a visitor to escorts, courtesans etc
  • CIM: come in mouth
  • Birdwatching: when an ASP swallows after CIM (the acronyms are rolling off the tongue/keyboard now)
  • DATY: this stands for ‘Dine at the Y’ which is in itself slang for giving cunnilingus
  • DFK: deep French kissing
  • Russian: this term means different things in different places. In Australia it simply means a quickie whereas in it can mean the act of rubbing a penis between an escort’s breasts- quite different so check the context!
  • Around the world: I recently saw this rather innocently referred to as ‘kissing all over the body’. More specifically it can mean oral sex and analingus aka ‘rimming’. This is another term that could be misunderstood as it can be refer to a combination of anal, vaginal and oral penetration.
  • Roman: an orgy. A ‘Roman shower’ refers to vomit play though, I assume in reference to old Roman vomitoriums (wear party goers could go to get sick) although this is a misappropriation of the term. In reality a vomitorium is a pathway under the stands in a theatre or stadium. (Oh look you got a history lesson too!)
  • BBW: big beautiful woman
  • Beret, party hat or raincoat: the funniest terms for a condom!

As I mentioned at the start of this blog there are always variances in slang all over the world so I found it very interesting to come across a list of Irish escort ‘lingo’ recently. For example ‘dogwide’ or ‘deadwide’ is Irish slang for a person who knows the business well i.e. they’re no fool! A ‘lash’ is an attractive person and ‘muff’ means vagina. All very informative! Maybe I’ll visit Ireland soon.

About the author: Carmen, a London courtesan, writer, artist, fashion model.

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