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12 Escorting Terms Explained

12 London Escorting Terms Explained

Booking an escort is easy in London, but you might need to know some special London escorting terms before you make an appointment like a real punter. Here we invited Carmen, an independent escort in London to give our reader some explanation of those special terms. Look all over the world and there’ll be a different slang term for almost …

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Thinking: The Ethics of Escorting

sexy women with money

Things always turned very interesting when we put deep thought into it. Below is a philosopher’s thinking about the moral issue about sex workers. Prostitution is often described as the oldest profession. Not surprisingly, the ethics of prostitution have often been debated. In general, most people claim that it is morally unacceptable. Yet, like all such practices, it continues to …

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The Top paid Escorts in the World

most expensive Asian escorts

Female escorts in the world can be found in all shapes, sizes, colors, and price tags. We usually only hear about the ones that are the high class escorts that not only make their living off of being an escort, but make an incredible amount. Some female escorts of London, UK make as much as if not more than some of the …

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Guide to being a phone sex operator

escort phone

There’s a scene in the first series of Shameless where Veronica, a Mancunian woman living on a council estate, is ironing topless in front of a webcam, a perfect combination of domesticity and sex for sale. But this kind of work is certainly not limited to our screens or Manchester. According to a 2011 ABC news report, there are thousands …

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Becoming an escort and being paid to have sex is easy!

Simon was struggling to make ends meet in London. Having come to England from Australia, he had returned after 12 months backpacking around Europe, and was finding it difficult to get work without a visa. When by chance he came across an ad offering work as a male escort he figured it had to be worth a try. Further investigation …

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How to be a sexy woman (What a man thinking about sexxxy)

sexy woman

Ladies, you can take note about “what a man think is Sexy About a Woman”, be serious, be creative:) Contrary to popular opinion men are just as picky about the way women look as women are about men. I’m not talking about the big butt and a smile or the girl with the freak’em dress on. While those things are …

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See 5 most famous Stripping stars in Film (really sexy!)


Enjoy the most sexy girl in the screen! The 44-year-old performs a water-soaked strip in her undies and gives co-star Jason Sudeikis a lapdance in the flick. And Jen is not the first screen siren to get her kit off in the name of art. From Jessica Alba to Natalie Portman, see the stars who’ve played strippers in our photo …

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About London Escort Agencies and Independent escorts and Incall

This section London Massage book will about the differences between Escort agencies and independent escort girls. I also talk a little about in call locations and why they can be dangerous. • Escort Agencies are more dependable If you find a good agency you should probably stay with them, or at least keep their number. Agencies tend to be much …

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Top Three Ways to Get Over Your Ex

A. Think All About her Flaws When we’re in love with someone, or we have deep feelings for them, it’s easy to idealise them when they’re not around. Compared to them, even the best brunette escorts seems ordinary, but that’s just a false impression that you’ve created. You’ve built them up as the greatest thing since sliced bread, but if …

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Problems that may happen when you meet a London Escort

In this section I go over some different problems that you can run into when calling out escorts. I’ll discuss why you don’t have to worry about stings if you’re calling out a girl to your hotel or house. I’ll talk about drivers and why specials are usually not very special. I’ll explain how vice works and what has been …

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