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Asian Massage Parlour Happy Endings London

asian massage parlour

Asian massage parlors in London are different than other massage parlors in London, which I reported on earlier, in that they usually offer “full service” (that is, se.x) as a standard service. A table shower, which involves you laying on a covered massage table while being soaped up and rinsed by your masseuse, is also standard – a bonus both for you and the woman servicing you.

How can you tell if a London massage parlor is a Asian massage parlour or other massage parlour? There are a number of clues you can look for. Does the massage parlour website use Asian girls photo on their website? Does the massage parlour have a website with pictures of the girls who work there in modeling poses? Then it’s Asian massage agency. Do you have to call to get the location? There’s a good chance it’s Asian massage angency. You can also do some scouting online, using this site and others like it.

How can you find a Asian massage parlor in London or Heathrow? You can not find massage parlour while driving around in London , because they hide very carefully. You can try to search on google for a Asian Massage parlour or check ads at Backpage (but beware). You can also check some of the various massage blogs and adult massage forums online. of course you can find a proper massage parlour in London by searching in our massage parlour lists.

Asian massage parlors exist in central London, the prices and service are pretty much standard(100GBP is a standard price for Asian massage). In London, you’ll pay about GBP100-150 per hour for in call massage (means you come to visit the massage parlour) and about GBP120-150 for outcall massage (masseuses visiting your hotel). Be aware that the cheap massage parlour can not guarantee the quality(cheap means lower than GPB100).

If it’s your first time visiting a particular shop, you should call ahead to make an appointment. With a lot of places, this will be a necessity since they don’t place their location in ads or on websites. You will most likely need to call from an unblocked number. If you find a particular woman on a parlor’s website attractive, you can ask to set an appointment with her (keep in mind that in London a lot of massage parlours do not maintain websites, a poor website may indicate a poor services or less-attactive girls). Be prepared for rejection, since some girls are heavily booked or rarely work. If you become a regular, you may be able to set appointments much more easily or just drop in.

When you show up, you’ll likely need to ring a doorbell. There will be a secure door and a video camera. This is meant to keep out unwanted “surprise visitors” like robbers or law enforcement from just dropping in. Don’t be afraid. Just smile for the camera and wait. You will probably be asked if you have been there before. It’s not a great idea to lie in these places, because unlike the massage girls, the mamasans (older female managers) stick around for a while and have good memories. Better to say that you have been to other places but decided to try here, or that a friend recommended it.

You will be led into a room, either by the mamasan or the masseuse. The masseuses in the Asian massage parlors are most often much more attractive than those at the other parlors. They will usually be dressed in a revealing nightie. These women come to the UK as visitors and rotate around any number of parlors, usually not staying in any one place too long. In the bigger cities, they will be very attractive women in their 20’s and 30’s, quite often with nicely shaped, large breasts and nice hair and makeup. In the smaller cities UK, the women will usually be less attractive, often older women that aged out of the big city scene, but still attractive enough and commonly very skilled at their jobs. At one time, these were the hotties in their 20’s working in central London.

You will pay either the mamasan upon entry or the girl as soon as you get into the room. (or at masseuse visit your hotel) Either immediately after asking for the house payment, or a few minutes into the pathetic excuse for a massage you’ll get, you’ll be asked what you want. You can ask for full service when you call the massage parlour and ask for price(about GBP 120-200). Or, you can enjoy their ‘massage service’ and ask for full service next time. You’ll get a much higher level of service this way. I always simply give the total amount together with the house fee, to show that I know the deal and am ready for action. You may want to do the same. If you opt for the hand job or blow job, you’ll have to negotiate the rate. Don’t pay more than you would for full service unless you want to go out like a sucker and face inflated rates on future visits.

If you made an appointment with a specific girl, that should be who you get. If not, you will be given whoever is next in rotation. Some guys will ask for a “lineup” of available women to choose from, but this is bad form.

Asian massage parlors are usually clean and neat. The rooms are always private, with walls that go up to the ceiling and locking doors. Some are subdivided so you can hear what’s going on outside your room to some small extent, but you won’t run into any paper walls and curtain doors like you’ll find in some other parlors. Upon entering the room, you’ll be told to take off your clothes. Your masseuse may stay in the room and watch/help, or she may leave. When you tender payment, the girl will leave the room to give it to the house mom. Just sit tight and she’ll return. You’ll usually be given a clear plastic pouch for your phone and wallet. This is so you can carry these with you into the table shower and sauna, to make sure you don’t have anything stolen or pretend that you did (if you are dishonest).

After taking off your clothes, you’ll be given a towel. If my masseuse leaves the room while I get undressed, I make sure she sees me naked when she returns before wrapping the towel around me. This lets her know what she’s working with and helps relax her a little bit. Keep in mind they have a large number of things to worry about. If you are cool, she will be more likely to be too. You’ll either be offered a table shower or simply led there. Put on the slippers they give you and follow your masseuse to the shower. Asian massage parlors are great at discretion and organization. Although you might hear another customer enter, you will probably never, ever see one.

Book a Asian massage(Happy ending massage?) is very simple in London. Make an appointment,go in the parlour (or wait for outcall service in your hotel), and have a good time with a hot girl.

Asian massage parlors offer the most reliable massage service in London, often with the hottest of Asian women, of any adult establishments in the UK. If full service is what you’re after, try to scope one or two out. I will be reviewing a large number of these facilities in the future.

by Robin Williams.

Some massage parlours I have visited in London. (updated SEP/2013)

London sensual massage ( http://londonsensualmassage.co.uk/ )

Asia Mystic ( http://www.asiatantricmassage.co.uk/ )

Cloud9 (http://www.londonnudemassage.com/)

butterflymassage (http://gomassagelondon.co.uk/)

Butterfly Touch (http://www.butterfly-touch.co.uk/)


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